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Greetings All!  I've got a nifty roundup of cyberstuff for you today,
including Internet voice mail, free long-distance calling, online
parent/teacher communities, and tips for webmasters.
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International, then sit back and enjoy the ride!
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 PAGOO - Internet Voice Mail
For a few months I've been hearing about a service that allows you to
take incoming calls while you're online.  The promise of eliminating
the busy phone line problem and missing important calls while surfing
the Net prompted me to check into PAGOO.
PAGOO is very cool, and here's why...  Pagoo works with an inexpensive
phone feature called "Call Forward on Busy" (some phone companies have
a slightly different name for this service).  When "Call Forward on
Busy" is activated, incoming calls will automatically be transferred
to Pagoo's toll-free number when you're on-line.  Pagoo's Call Catcher
picks up your calls and records your callers' voice messages.  When a
new voice message is received, a window pops up on your screen.  You
click "play" and hear the message instantly.
Voila!  Nobody gets a busy signal, and you get your incoming voice
messages right away.  Even cooler - the download and the first month
of service is FREE.  PAGOO will even send you a reimbursement check to
cover the phone company's setup fee for the "Call Forward on Busy"
service.  If you decide to continue, PAGOO costs only $3.95 per month.
PAGOO is available most places in the US and Canada, and can save you
the cost of an extra phone line: over $250 a year.  If you have
friends who often can't be reached by phone because they're always
online, or if YOU are the one who can't be reached, then give PAGOO
a try! 
 Free Long-Distance Calls with DialPad
If you make a lot of long-distance calls to people in the United
States, you should definitely check out DialPad.  This nifty service
lets you make free phone calls over the Internet using your
computer's speakers and microphone (or a headset).
Here's how it works:  You go online, visit the DialPad website, and
a virtual phone appears on your screen.  Using your mouse or keyboard,
you dial the desired U.S. phone number.  The recipient's phone rings,
and you have a conversation.  Unlike some Internet phone thingies, the
recipient does NOT need to have a computer - just a regular phone.
In my tests, I noted that DialPad works best when you have a high-
quality sound card and a 56K (or faster) connection.  And fiddling
with the sound level indicators on the screen (the green bars)
sometimes helped when the volume on either end was low, or the sound
was choppy.  But you can't argue with free.  The FAQ on the DialPad
site gives tips on getting the best sound quality, eliminating echoes,
etc.  Read it!
Currently, Dialpad is for Windows only.  According to the FAQ, they
are working on support for Mac and Linux, and it will be ready in near
future. Also, they do plan to support international calls, but are
focusing on making the service more reliable and stable before going
global.  If you live in the U.S. or you have relatives who do, DialPad
can be a big money saver. 
 ThinkWave - For Parents, Teachers & Students
My kids are probably tired of hearing me ask "Do you have any homework
tonight?"  "When is your science project due?" and "How did you do on
that Math test?"  But if their school was using ThinkWave, I'd never
have to ask again.  I'd just surf over to and get
real-time info about their assignments, attendance, and grades.
ThinkWave is a free web community that provides secure communication
for over 250,000 teachers, parents, and students.  Teachers will like
the friendly classroom and gradebook management features, and parents
will enjoy the ability to stay in touch with their child's classroom
and send feedback to teachers via a standard web browser.
I think it's a great idea, and you can learn more at 
 The Webmaster's Reference Library
If you're a webmaster, or you want to learn how to create a killer
website, you should subscribe to the weekly Webmaster's Reference
Library newsletter.  This popular email newsletter is a 9-time Winner
of PC Magazine's Top 100, and highlights what's new on WebReference,
the award-winning Web site about creating Web sites.  Think of it as
a one-stop webmastering information depot with daily how-to's on
JavaScript, DHTML, 3-D/VRML, Perl and other cool-but-geeky stuff.
You'll find real-time news, regular quality original content by noted
experts, and useful code-generating tools. is a
comprehensive and valuable resource for both seasoned and aspiring
webmasters, and the Webmaster's Reference Library newsletter is a
great  way to ensure you get a steady stream of new ideas and helpful
tips for your website.  To subscribe, send email to or visit:  
That's all for now - see you next time!   --Bob Rankin
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