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Hi All!  Bob here with another Rider's Revenge issue, where I share
the sites that Tourbus riders think are cool.  If you have a favorite
site that's of general interest to an international audience, tell me
about it.  You just might see your name in the next Rider's Revenge!
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Our lead story for today is a nifty new search thingie called
Metor, but first I want to thank the sponsors who made this issue
possible -  ImproveNet, Cyberbaskets, and The Flying Noodle.
Please visit them and say thanks!
Recently Dr. Hajo Gekeler from Hochheim, Germany wrote to me about a
new search site called METOR.  Here's what he said:
> There is a vast portion of the Internet whose contents cannot be
> reached by the search engines of today. The valuable contents
> housed within thousands of databases, archives, and other
> searchable information sources which might be as big or even
> bigger than the already indexed web. With Metor, you can search
> these specialized sources at once to receive comprehensive and
> highly targeted information.
Intrigued, I went to Metor and tried a search.  At first I was a
bit disappointed because it appeared to be yet another meta-search
tool like DogPile or MetaCrawler, which bounces your search words
against a bunch of popular search engines and then collates the
But was I ever wrong!  It's true that the opening screen at Metor
offers a meta-search of popular engines, but that's only one of TWO
DOZEN specialized search options.  You can choose to send your
search words to over 25 targeted collections of search engines,
including these three "General Search" options:
  Web Directories
  Reviewed Sites
  Search Engines
...and "Specific Search" options such as:
  Business and Finance
  Email Addresses
  Job Search
  Movies, Music, MP3
  Sports News
  Tech Info
For example, if you click on Email Addresses, Metor will present
you with a search dialog which prompts you for the person's name
and a selectable list of email search tools, so you can choose
to send your query to any or all of:
  InfoSpace, Internet Address Finder, Mirabilis, Switchboard,
  Usenet Address Service, WhoWhere, Yahoo! People Search
The Newspapers option lets you simultaneously search the online
archives of these publications:
  Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Gate
  The Boston Globe, The Denver Post, Washington Post
Or you can click on Encyclopedias, and send your query to any or
all of these sites:
  Britannica, Encarta, Information Please,
  Letsfindout Kid's Encyclopedia
This is a very powerful way to search, and should greatly increase
your chances of actually FINDING what you're after.  Give Metor a
try at  
Kathy Morgan from the San Francisco, California area writes about:
The Prairie Home Companion
Thought I would like to share my favoite web site - the web page for Garrison
Keillor. He has a radio show called "The Prairie Home Companion"  and I especially
love his tales from his fictional home town of "Lake Wobegon".  After you log onto
his web page scoll down to his show archives, click on one,  then click on "News
from Lake Wobegon".  You will chuckle at the small town humor but also enjoy
the lessons learned.  Enjoy!!  
Kay Simons from Hebron, Indiana writes about:
FX The Series
My daughter told me about Tourbus, and I'm happy she did as it has been a great help in
finding great sites and good information.  I want to tell you about a fansite I helped
create: FX The Series.
FX: The Series was a short lived (2 seasons) TV show.  When it was cancelled
the official web presence and the domain name was abandoned by the powers involved
with the show, so we fans recently decided to pick it up. We designed our site to be a
first page with connections to the major fan sites our membership has created, giving the
look and ease of an official site in accessing areas of interest to a fan.
We believe our fansite is the future of fansites on the web, and recommend it as an
example of what fans can do to make sure new fans find their sites, as well as a way to let
anyone involved in the business end of producing shows to easily see what a fan base exists.
Perhaps if the Web were a common item back when Star Trek was first produced the fans of the
show would have done this, and Star Trek would have been back on the air sooner than it was.  
Bill Morris from Cranston, Rhode Island writes about:
Geno Rodgers and Heroic Stories
I know that this is not your usual site, but take a look at the
website called Geno's Place.  I found out about this site from a
newsletter called HeroicStories which has a web page and a newsletter
that goes out with stories daily.  Sometimes we just need to hear
about good things and good people.  Keep up the good work.
Editor's Note: HeroicStories is published by my cyberpal Randy
Cassingham, who also publishes the very popular This Is True
newsletter.  HeroicStories brings you true stories about everyday
real people who step up to the challenge in times of human need.
It's on my recommended reading list!    
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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