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             TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 62 -- 27 January 2000
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    The LangaList / AOL 5: Upgrade of Death?
Howdy, y'all, and greetings from the winter wonderland of Tuscaloosa,
Alabama!  Yes, folks, it is actually snowing ... IN ALABAMA!  There is
something SERIOUSLY wrong with this.
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On with the show ...
The LangaList
Back in August, we visited some of the Net's great email newsletters:
Neat Net Tricks, Focus on Top Web Links, Seidman's Online Insider, The
Tweney Report, and so on.  If you missed any of those stops, hop on
over to the TOURBUS archives at 
and look for posts 000073 and 000075 [Great Email Newsletters parts
one and two].
One of the lists I foolishly forgot to mention was the LangaList.
Created by Fred Langa, Windows Magazine's VP/Editorial Director and
Byte Magazine's Editor in Chief, the LangaList is one of the best
Windows-related newsletters I have ever seen.  Every Monday and
Thursday, Fred gives you "tips, tricks, and other information you need
to make the most of your hardware, your software, and your time
Sound interesting?  You can find an HTML-formatted version of the
latest LangaList issue at .
If you are a Windows user, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to
the LangaList -- it is short, it is free, and it is a must-read.  And
even if you aren't a Windows user, I still recommend that you
subscribe -- while Fred's articles about Windows patches, tips, and
tricks probably won't help you much (other than to give you something
to chuckle at when you see all the problems we non-Mac users are
having with our OS), Fred also writes about topics that are important
to everyone who is part of the digital domain.
There are two ways to subscribe to the LangaList (oh, and it's free,
      1. Send a new, blank email message to
      2. Sign up on the Web at
As long as we're talking about Fred Langa, let me also recommend his
recent Windows Magazine article:
AOL 5: Upgrade of Death?
Fred Langa recently tried to upgrade his system from America Online
(AOL) 4.0 to 5.0.  Remember, Fred is no newbie -- he's the Editor in
Chief of Byte Magazine!  How did the upgrade go?  Well, as Fred wrote
in his 1 November 1999 Langalist post, "I'll spare you the details,
but the punchline was "Format C:\".
It turns out that Fred isn't the only one having problems with AOL
5.0.  About a week ago, the Associated Press reported that
      The latest software from America Online Inc., the world's largest
      Internet provider, can prevent customers from using rival online
      services or corporate connections, enraging smaller competitors
      and even some of AOL's own subscribers.
You can read all of the AP's story on CNN's Web site at
Wanna guess who broke this story?  Yep.  Fred Langa.  On January 18th,
Fred wrote an amazing article for Windows Magazine discussing, in
detail, his problems upgrading from AOL 4.0 to 5.0.  You can find that
article at .
After upgrading, Fred found that "AOL had added or altered 229 files
on my system, including more than 4.5MB of Windows system files!"
Fred's recommendation?
      If you're a novice with a standalone system that has no Internet
      software installed, isn't on a network, and will never share a
      connection, AOL can be a great way to get your feet wet in the
      online world: AOL's all-in-one approach can be useful to people
      confused or frightened by choices.
      Almost everyone else will have better service, more control, and
      just plain better results with a real ISP, a real e-mail client,
      and a real (unmodified) browser. And the more network-dependent
      your PC is, the more religiously you should avoid AOL -- the deep
      diddling AOL does to a system's networking software is neither
      benign nor smart.
If you are thinking about upgrading to AOL 5, or if you are interested
in reading a fascinating article about the problems people are having
upgrading software from the world's largest ISP, take a moment to read
Fred Langa's "AOL 5: Upgrade of Death?" article at  It
will blow your mind.
Beep-Beep-Beep  <--that's the bus backing up
The email address for the Marine Resources Council (TOURBUS, 19
January 2000) is and their Web address is  TOURBUS regrets the error.
That's it for this week ... I'm going to go out and play in the snow!
Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll talk again next week.
    The LangaList / AOL 5: Upgrade of Death?
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