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             TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 65 -- 08 February 2000
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      TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Home Network Security and Products
As soon as my last Tourbus on sharing an Internet connection hit the
streets, a BUNCH of people wrote to me with questions about home
network security, and alternative products that can get the job done.
If you have a Cable or DSL connection, or you're interested in
networking your computers to share a net connection, then PLEASE read
this issue!
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A big thanks goes out to the folks at ACSM Supplies, Zing, and Oska
for sponsoring this issue of Tourbus!
Several people wrote in with concerns about security in regards to
Windows 95/98 networking.  If you missed my article last week, go to
the Tourbus website and click on ARCHIVES to find it.  (While you're
there, you can also explore 4+ years of great Tourbus issues!)  
First, let me say that lately there has been a lot of shrill,
uninformed media coverage of the security issues surrounding Cable and
DSL net connections.  Cable, DSL and the Ethernet solution I described
in my previous article all use the Microsoft Windows Networking
feature, so the security issues are the same.
But is there anything to worry about?  Will Evil Hackers steal your
files and plant nasty viruses on your hard drive if you network your
PC's?  In a word, no.
Is Your Slip Showing?
If you use the Win98 Internet Connection Sharing feature, or one of
the other packages listed in my article, and you DIDN'T enable "File
and Print Sharing" in Microsoft Networking, you have nothing to fear.
If you DID select the "File and Print Sharing" option, then you still
have nothing to fear unless:
 - you explicitly defined one or more folders as Shared Resources,
 - you failed to assign a robust password to the shared folder(s)
If you did BOTH of those things, then it MIGHT be possible for an Evil
Hacker to gain access to your files.  At the very least, you should
check your "File and Print Sharing" settings by clicking into My
Computer -> Control Panel -> Network.  To configure or check your
shared folder settings, click on Start -> Programs -> Windows
Explorer, rightclick on a folder icon, then select Sharing.
Recommended Reading
If you want to delve into the technical details, I've found two
excellent resources that describe in (very readable) detail what you
should do to make sure your networked PC's are properly protected.
The first is Steve Gibson's Shields Up! site which will test your
computer for network security holes, and offers a lengthy tutorial on
configuring Microsoft Networking.  Although Gibson has some good info
on this site, he is a bit long-winded, and perhaps too extreme about
some security issues.
Make sure you follow up by ALSO reading the Navas Group "Security on
Cable Modem or DSL" article.  John Navas takes issue with some of the
points that Gibson makes (as do I) with a writing style that's more
compact and even- tempered.    
Several people wrote in about the Buddy B-210 from Vega Technologies.
Buddy lets two people share the resources of one Windows PC.  With the
Buddy Kit and a second monitor, two people can go online at once and
share files and printers as well.  
Mike Buzzard wrote to tell me about USB networking.  There are several
products on the market to set up an Ethernet network via the USB ports
on both computers.  The cabling and interface box reside outside your
computer, so there's no need to open the case or install adapter
cards. Works for both Windows and Mac systems. Here are some links to
product information sites:      
Warren Fischer wrote to tell me about WebShare, a "black box" that
lets you connect up to three computers and share an Internet
connection. WebShare doesn't provide file or printer sharing but it is
a very easy way to set up a shared Net connection, and it works for
both Windows and Mac systems.  Learn more here:  
Just a quick personal note...  In addition to driving the Tourbus, I
also operate FlowersFast - the online florist, along with my wife and
our dedicated staff.  We offer roses and other special gifts at
excellent prices, and we'd be happy to serve your needs for
Valentine's Day!  Please pop in and visit, thanks.  
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob
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