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            TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 68 -- 17 February 2000
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    Campaign 2000 / Crispen's 21 Essential Sites (Part One)
    Yep ... there are plenty of addresses.
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from the slightly muggy city of
Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I want to thank the folks at both the University
of North Alabama and the Florence City Schools for inviting me to
speak to their pre-service and in-service teachers earlier today.  I
had a GREAT time, and I look forward to returning to Florence as soon
as possible.
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On with the show ...
Campaign 2000
Before we get to part two of my "Top 21" Web sites, I have a little
something that I *HAVE* to share with you.  As you probably know by
now, all of the major US presidential candidates have their own Web
sites.  Well, my dad, the Rev. Bob "Bob" Crispen, just wrote a review
of these sites.  He didn't review their style, mind you -- he reviewed
their HTML.  :)
If you know a little bit about Web page design and are looking for one
of the most revealing (and humorous) commentaries about the current US
presidential race, take a look at my dad's "Campaign 2000: How the
Candidates' Web Sites Stack Up" report at 
Crispen's 21 Essential Web Sites (Part Two)
One of the hardest things about getting onto the Internet is that no
tells you where to go and what to do when finally you get there.  This
is doubly so for educators.  I recently read that for every one (US)
dollar spent putting technology into the classroom, only three cents
are spent training the teachers.
To help the teachers in my neck of the woods, I have been spending a
day at each of the schools in the Tuscaloosa County School system
teaching the teachers how to use the Internet in the classroom.  One
of the handouts I give the teachers is a list of my favorite Web
In my last TOURBUS post I showed you the first ten sites on my list.
You can find that post in the TOURBUS archives at .
As promised, here are the remaining 11 sites from my "21 essential Web
sites" list.  Feel free to rewrite, edit, modify, and redistribute
this to anyone who might appreciate it.  :)
11) WhatIs
For some odd reason, has been down all day (I think it has
been squirreled).  I hope the site will be back up soon -- it ROCKS! is a free, online encyclopedia of technology terms.  The
site takes a little getting used to, but if you want to know the
difference between RDRAM and DDR DRAM (something that is certainly
keeping ME up at night), will explain it.
12) CNET
CNET is the self-proclaimed center of the digital domain.  If it has
to do with technology, CNET has it.  For example, CNET offers in-depth
reviews of computer hardware (at, a free search engine
that will help you find the best prices on the Net for computer
hardware and software (at, tens of thousands of programs
you can download and install on your PC or Mac (at, the
latest technology news from around the world (at, and much
more!  I can honestly say that I would be lost without CNET.
13) ZDNet
I am going to get flamed within an inch of my life for saying this,
but here goes:  ZDNet is CNET's twin brother.  [There go my chances of
ever being hired by EITHER company!]
Seriously, though, some people prefer CNET and some people prefer
ZDNET.  All of these people are idiots because BOTH sites are
absolutely WONDERFUL!
14) Good Morning Silicon Valley
Published every morning by the San Jose (CA) Mercury, Good Morning
Silicon Valley offers one-paragraph snippets of the latest technology
news.  This is a must-read for anyone interested in technology or who
has money in the tech-heavy stock market.
15) Today's Papers
Every morning, the President of the United States receives a security
briefing from the CIA.  Today's Papers is a daily news briefing
compiled from the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles
Times, and the country's other major newspapers.  If you want to keep
up with what is going on in the US (and the world), Today's Papers is
for you.
16) Yahoo Full Coverage
This one is a little hard to describe.  Yahoo Full Coverage is
absolutely the best place to turn for information about current
events.  For every major news event, Yahoo creates a page that gives
you links to related newspaper articles and Web sites about that
event.  For example, Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the US Federal
Reserve, recently hinted that US interest rates may rise soon.  Yahoo
Full Coverage has a section dedicated to Greenspan's statement,
offering you links to news stories on this topic from Reuters, the
BBC, the Associated Press, CNNfn, and many others.
17) Microsoft Safe Kids
The SafeKids site offers free Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that
teach your children how to protect themselves online.  A teacher's
guide is also available.  One word of warning, though: *ALL* of the
file sizes listed on this page are wrong.  The un-narrated PowerPoint
file is over 1 MB in size; the narrated version is about 10 MB.
18) Get Net Wise
Get Net Wise is the center for online child safety.  Get Net Wise
offers tips for parents and educators, reviews of filtering software,
and many other online child safety resources.
19) Even Better
Even Better (which used to be known as "" and later
"") is price comparison engine.  Deal Pilot will find the
cheapest online prices for books, movies, and music.
Remember, though, that purchasing books from online merchants hurts
your locally owned and operated independent bookstores.  My
suggestion?  Buy you books in your hometown and buy everything else
20) Amazing Bargains
Most ecommerce merchants like and CDNOW offer special
discounts ... but only if you have a special discount code.  Amazing
Bargains has a collection of coupons and discount codes for most major
online ecommerce sites.  Before you purchase ANYTHING online, visit
Amazing Bargains first.
21) The Internet TOURBUS
A free, semi-weekly Internet newsletter.  If you don't subscribe,
squirrels will harvest your kidneys.  To subscribe, go to the Web site
and click on "FREE TICKET."
That's it for this week!  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll
talk again next week.
    Campaign 2000 / Crispen's 21 Essential Sites (Part Two)
    Yep ... there are plenty of addresses.
TALL (noun).  A piece of fired clay used especially floors and walls.
Usage: "Bubba, you need to clean your bathroom tall!"
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