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            TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 70 -- 26 February 2000
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    Netsurfer Digest
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from the summer-like city of
Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I apologize for the tardiness of today's post.
Your fearless bus driver was has been on jury duty for the past couple
of days (whee!).  I thought jury duty was going to be fun, but it
wasn't.  It was HARD work.  And, even worse, the jury I was on (it was
a civil case, not a criminal one) returned a verdict in favor of a man
NONE of us on the jury particularly liked.  Not fun.  :(
My week on jury duty wasn't all bad, though.  I did get a GREAT
Southern Word of the Week out of it.  :)
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the folks at "," "," and "Turbo-Tax" for
making today's post possible.  As always, please visit our wonderful
sponsors and thank them for keeping the bus rolling!
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On with the show ...
Want to completely bewilder a journalist?  Tell the journalist that
you have an email newsletter or "e-zine" he or she should write about.
Trust me, the journalist will act as if you are speaking in tongues!
Most journalists (barely) understand this whole http:// stuff.  Throw
in L-SOFT LISTSERVs or Majordomos -- and especially Web sites whose
sole purpose is to help you subscribe to a particular e-zine -- and
most journalists will simply curl up into a ball and drool
That's unfortunate, because some of the Net's best resources are its
e-zines (case in point: TOURBUS!).  Not to fear, though ... your
fearless bus drivers actually understand non-Web stuff.  Over the past
few years we have introduced you to
      - EDUPAGE, a free e-zine that highlights the latest developments
        in the field of information technology.  Distributed three
        times a week, Edupage offers one-paragraph snippets of the
        latest technology news culled from the mainstream media.  (You
        can find out more about Edupage in our 25 February 1999 post at )
      - INFOBEAT, a free, advertiser-supported, email-based news
        service that automatically sends you a daily 'newspaper' that
        contains only the topics that interest you (we last visited
        InfoBeat on 16 July 1998 -- you can find that post at )
      - THE LANGALIST, a free, twice-weekly, Windows-based email
        newsletter that gives you "tips, tricks, and other information
        you need to make the most of your hardware, your software, and
        your time online."  (You can find out more about the LangaList
        in our 27 January 2000 post at )
We've also talked about other great e-zines like Lockergnome (16 March
1999), Neat Net Tricks (14 August 1999), NewsScan Daily (22 April
1999), Seidman's Online Insider (19 August 1999), TidBits (16 March
1999), ZDNet Anchordesk (9 September 1999), and *MANY* others.
Well, to that list I'd like to add yet another FANTASTIC e-zine that
those drooling journalists won't tell you about:
Netsurfer Digest
Published weekly-ish, Netsurfer Digest is a free email newsletter that
gives you brief, one-paragraph summaries of the latest technology
news, pointers to new Web sites you should visit, and reviews of the
latest tech books and software.  [It is a little like Lockergnome on
steroids].  Netsurfer Digest is also the oldest existing Web-based e-
zine, publishing since June 1994.
The best way to see if Netsurfer Digest is for you is to read the
latest issue.  You can find it online at .
This page is almost identical to what you will receive in your
emailbox each week.  Netsurfer Digest is mailed to you as HTML-
formatted text suitable for viewing with any World Wide Web browser or
HTML-capable email program like Eudora or the latest e-mail clients
from Netscape or Microsoft.  Unfortunately, NetSurfer Digest is no
longer available in a plain ASCII text version, but they do offer
instructions on how people with non-HTML-capable email programs can
still read their posts.  You can find those instructions at .
If you are interested in subscribing to Netsurfer Digest -- and I
*STRONGLY* recommend that you do because it is one of the best e-zines
around -- just point your Web browser to the Netsurfer Digest homepage
and click on the "Subscribe Here" link.  This takes you to a page
[ ] where you need to type
in your email address and press the "Submit" button.  That's it!  No
personal or demographic information is required, and your email
address is safe -- like TOURBUS, Netsurfer Digest does not sell or
rent its mailing list.
Since we have a lot of educators on out little bus of Internet
happiness, let me also recommend two other Netsurfer publications:
Netsurfer Education at 
and Netsurfer Science at .
Netsurfer Education is a monthly-ish e-zine, giving you information
about neat, education-related sites every four or five weeks.
Netsurfer Science is a (sort of) weekly-ish e-zine that focuses on
neat science and technology sites.  Netsurfer also publishes a free,
twice-monthly-ish e-zine that contains book reviews, notes, and
recommendations.  Called "Netsufer Books," you can find it at .
I have been a fan of Netsurfer Digest for a long time.  It is one of
the best resources on the Net for quick summaries of the latest
technology news, pointers to new Web sites you should visit, and
reviews of the latest tech books and software.  Even if your email
inbox is currently overflowing with messages, you really should
subscribe to Netsurfer Digest.  I guarantee you that it will be one of
the few emails you will go out of your way to read each week.
That's it for today.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll talk
again on Thursday.  [Oh, and if you are a Plus Bus subscriber, be
looking for a post from me on Monday or Tuesday.]
    Netsurfer Digest
JOURAH (noun).  A person summoned to serve on a jury.
Usage: "There are twelve jourahs on a jury."
[Special thanks to Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court Clerk Doris Turner
for today's wurd]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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