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               TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 74 -- 9 March 2000
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On with the show ...
Did you know that you recycle a quart of mucus a day by swallowing it?
Or that not all ear wax is the same (ear wax can be gray, yellow,
pumpkin-colored, or brown; moist or dry)?  Or that there are probably
two million bacteria living on your face right now?
Disgusting, isn't it?  All these facts come from our first stop of the
day, at .
If you have a child between the ages of 8 and 15, you already know
that children are fascinated by gross things like bodily fluids and
bugs.  What does is tap kids' innate interest in all that is
unpleasant and provides them with a way to learn more about
entomology, earth science, and human biology.
The site has several sections, including:
      - Your Gross and Cool Body
        This section provides information and fun facts on stuff like
        dandruff, zits, scabs, pus, the funny bone, and smelly armpits.
        Instead of just trying to gross kids out, though, the articles
        in this section also teach kids how their bodies work and
        introduce kids to topics ranging from skin and hair to the
        cardiovascular and endocrine systems.
      - Worm World
        This section tells you everything you could ever wanted to know
        about worms ... including their role in recycling.
      - Bug World
        You can't talk about worms and not also talk about bugs.  This
        section talks about our neighbors in the insect world.
      - Ask Wendell
        In this section the folks at answer questions -- like
        "why do I have a belly button" -- submitted by kids.
The Web site also has a section titled "Club Yucky" that
includes gross science experiments (like how to turn milk into slime),
an interesting trivia challenge, and even a collection of free, yucky,
Bluemountain-esque greeting cards that your kids can email to their
Friends. also [thankfully] offers much tamer sections for both
teachers and parents.  The teachers section is impressive, offering
teaching units on how to use the site's topics in the classroom.  The
parents section, unfortunately, is a little disappointing, offering
some simple tips on how to protect your kids online and giving you
pointers to a few kid-friendly Web sites.  The parents section is well
written, but why reinvent the wheel?  You can find a much more in-
depth collection of child safety tips and kid-friendly sites at .
Still, is an amazing site ... and judging from the fact that
it is currently generating almost 1 million visitors a month, it is
also wildly popular with kids.  If you are looking for a way to turn
your kids' fascination with all things gross into something
a little more constructive and educational, might just be
what you are looking for!  :)
The next and final stop is for our bus riders here in the colonies.
For those of you outside of the United States, please accept my
apologies.  I try to shy away from US-only Web sites, but this next
stop is unique.  In fact, it is the only Web site in history that
concerns every man, woman, and child in the United States.
The US Census
As we all learned back in 7th grade Civics (the class, not the car),
the United States Constitution requires a census of the United States
every 10 years.  Everyone living in the United States on April 1,
2000, must be counted.
You can find out more about the 2000 census, including why you should
participate and what steps have been taken to safeguard your personal
information, at .
Your paper census form should be delivered via snail mail to your home
address sometime between March 3rd and April 7th, 2000.  Once you
receive your census form, you can either fill it out by hand or -- and
this is REALLY cool -- you might be able to fill it out online.  To
find out if you can fill out your form online, visit the census 2000
homepage (at ) and click on the
"See if your paper form can be filled out on the Internet" link.
You'll need your census form beside you when you click on this link --
the site asks you to enter some information that can only be found on
your form.
If you don't receive your census form in the mail by April 7th, you'll
need to contact your local census office.  You can find the telephone
number of your local census office in the US government section of
your local telephone book, and you can also find a complete list of
every census office in the country at .
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PAGE!  Like most government projects, this page is
MIND-NUMBINGLY HUGE (it is just a little over 354 Kb in size)!  So, if
you have a 28.8 modem, be prepared to wait -- this page will take you
a little over TWO MINUTES to download over a 28.8.
This is one of the rare cases where your phone book is going to be
faster than the Internet.  :(
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll
talk again in seven days.  [Let's see ... seven days multiplied by one
quart of mucus a day ...]  :P
TUR-BLE (adjective).  Extremely bad.
Usage: "Mercy, that Chris Porter sho did get himself into a turble
mess of trouble!"
[Special thanks go to Robin Peoples for today's word]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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