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Subject:      TOURBUS - 23 Mar 2000 - Baldey / Click2Asia
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             TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 78 -- 23 March 2000
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               TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Baldey / Click2Asia
Hi All... Patrick ate too many Moon Pies and was in no condition to
write his regular Thursday post, so I'm filling in today.  Hang on,
we're going to visit a new search engine, and then swing through Asia
on the way home!
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candle selection and prices are unbeatable, and my order arrived by
UPS the very next day!  Check 'em out yourself.
Just a few days ago, a new meta-search engine called Baldey was
introduced.  This new search tool works by using the best findings
from several other search engines and combining them in a unique way.
Depending on the position of a result found (e.g. number 2 by Yahoo)
and the number of times a search result is returned by multiple search
engines (e.g. both with Altavista and Yahoo), the results are combined
into an optimal weighted result.  Because of this advanced ranking
system, the best links are more likely to appear at the top of
Baldey's results.
By default, Baldey bounces your keyword(s) against seven search
engines, but you can select any or all of the ten engines listed at
the site.  You can also select the "fastest three" option, and get
results from the three fastest search engines at that moment. And if
English is not your native language, Baldey is available in 14
To be honest, I'm not sure how Baldey's results compare with other
meta-search sites like Dogpile or Metacrawler, or with link popularity
searchers such as Google and DirectHit.  But it does seem to have
promise, so give it a try and see what you think.  
Click2Asia is a unique and entertaining website that serves up
interactive content for Asians and those interested in Asia.  The
Click2Asia network includes information for China, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,
Thailand and Vietnam, with plans to expand to other regions in Asia.
Click2Asia wants to become the largest Asian online community, and a
leading source for information, interaction, entertainment and
commerce in the Asian market.  To that end, they offer free Internet
access, email, chat, contests, cash prizes and a car giveaway every
month during the year 2000.  When you join the Click2Asia community,
you'll have access to these features as well:
  - The Asia Directory
  - Asian Super Model Contest
  - Topical Click2Asia Clubs
  - Weather and Currency Info
  - Asian Forums
  - Asia in the News
  - Product Reviews
  - Yellow Pages
If you're Asian, if you want to learn about Asia, or if you plan to
visit any of the countries listed above, a visit to Click2Asia will be
beneficial to you.  
I guess I didn't clarify the procedure for voting when I mentioned the
Webby Awards in the last issue.  A bunch of people wrote to tell me
that TOURBUS is not listed as a nominee in the "Print & Zines"
category there, which is true.
If you think TOURBUS deserves your vote, you have to do a write-in.
But the write-in box does not appear until you register at the Webbys
site.  So register first, then click into the "Print & Zines" area.
The write-in box will be at the bottom of the list.  
UNLADDA (adjective).  A grade of gasoline.
Usage: "I'm gonna fill up my new truck with unladda."
That's all for now, see you next time!   --Bob Rankin
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