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               TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 88 -- 02 May 2000
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            TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Evil Spyware? / Eudora Bug
It seems I really struck a nerve last week when I mentioned CuteFTP,
my favorite file transfer utility.  Is this free and useful program
really an Evil Spyware Thingy?  We'll also be discussing the "Stealth
Attachment" bug in the Eudora email program.  Are you vulnerable?
Find out in today's Tourbus!
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After last week's mention of CuteFTP, a whole bunch of readers wrote
to warn me of the evils of the Aureate ad-enabling software which is
embedded in CuteFTP.  Here's the scoop...
About a year ago, the concept of ad-supported software started to
become popular.  Instead of charging users for software, some
companies are placing advertising banners in the program and giving
the software away for free.
If you've ever used the free Juno email program, or ad banners on a
website, then you've seen the type of thing I'm describing.  You get
free software, and the advertisers get a little piece of your screen
while you're using the ad-enabled software.  Seems like a fair trade,
Most people would agree, but some recent ill-informed articles have
many people believing that CuteFTP contains malicious code that spies
on users and sends personal data back to the software vendor.  But
it's just not true.
The ad-serving software embedded in CuteFTP and about 400 other
programs is provided by a company called Aureate.  Back in February, a
false rumor (based on some unfinished research into the Aureate ad
software) began circulating on the Net.  And of course it spiraled out
of control, leading to reports that Aureate was "stealing data" and
sending inventories of the files stored on users' computers.
Further research by computer security experts has shown that these
charges are ABSOLUTELY FALSE.  The Aureate software is NOT evil
There are some legitimate gripes that have been raised by critics of
the Aureate software, namely that the ad-serving software is not
removed when the "host" program is uninstalled.  But there is no
evidence that the Aureate software is sending private data to Hacker
HQ or tracking users as they surf the net.
Aureate Software has issued a statement about these false rumors, and some
other excellent articles by CNET and InternetNews shed more light on the
situation.  Here are some links you may find helpful to learn more:  ,,12_324131,00.html  
Note: I provided that last address (Steve Gibson's OptOut page)
because it's referenced by some of those articles.  Personally, I
don't care for Gibson's style, and I disagree with some of his
conclusions, but you may find the information useful.
Bennett Haselton, software bug hunter and proprietor of,
has reported that a potentially serious security hole exists in all
versions of the Eudora email program.  In a nutshell, a malicious user
could send an email with a hyperlink that executes an attached program
instead of opening a website as expected.
Normally Eudora warns the user before running any executable files
sent in an email attachment.  But this exploit uses a trick involving
a Windows shortcut (.LNK file) to fool Eudora into running the
There are no reports that this security hole has been exploited by
Evil Hackers, but if you use any version of the Eudora email program
on a Windows PC, you really should understand this problem and take
corrective action to prevent the problem from affecting you.
The first link below is from a CNET article, and it describes a simple
patch that you can apply to your Eudora configuration file.  The
second link is from Bennett Haselton's site, which describes how the
exploit works in impressive technical detail.  
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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