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                      TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: The Bat!
Welcome Riders of the World's Biggest Bus, to another week of touring
the vast reaches of cyberspace.  I recently discovered a new email
program called The Bat!, and it's so cool I wanted to tell all of you
about it.
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A few days ago I got an email from a guy named Stan Polozov, who is
the R&D manager at RIT Research Labs, in the Republic of Moldova. Stan
described The Bat! as "the most powerful and user friendly email
client in the world".  I was skeptical, because I'd never heard of The
Bat! before, and to be honest, I didn't know where Moldova was.  
I had an inkling that it was formerly a part of the USSR, and that
turned out to be a better guess than "a small town in New Jersey".
I've since re-educated myself on eastern European geography, and also
discovered that Stan was right.  According to the user ratings at, The Bat! is the top-rated email program, scoring a near- out
of 5. (For reference, the closest competitor is Eudora, with a score
of 3.7)  Below are links to the Deja ratings page and a review from
the venerable CWSApps site:  
 Features, Features, Features
So what makes The Bat! so cool?  The Bat! is a great Windows-based
email program with powerful features for advanced users, and a simple
interface that beginners will love.  Here's a partial list of notable
- The Mail Ticker - looks like a stock ticker, but displays the header
information from your new messages.  See the sender and subject, then
click to display the full message.
- Imports messages and address book entries from Microsoft Outlook,
Netscape Communicator, Eudora Lite/Pro, Pegasus Mail v2.xx, and UNIX
- Multilingual spell checker (English, Dutch, German, French, &
Italian) that underlines incorrect words and offers alternatives.
- Support for fifteen different languages, and extensive support for
those who prefer keyboard shortcuts over mouse clicking.
- Powerful filtering with auto-reply, auto-delete, auto-print,
forwarding, redirection to folders, passing messages to external
programs and mailing list management.
- Can retrieve mail from multiple accounts.  If you have more than one
email account, this is a big time saver. (In geekspeak, that means it
supports POP, IMAP4, and SMTP protocols.)
- Built-in HTML and image viewers. (No need to wait until a browser
or external image viewer gets loaded.)
- Quick Templates let you insert text blocks or disk files, add custom
message information, attach files and vCards, all with a couple
- Search messages in a folder, an account, or all accounts for sender,
address, subject, keywords, status, dates, etc.  Unix geeks will
appreciate the option to use regular expressions when searching.
- Small download size - only 1.5 megabytes.  Compare that to the
latest Eudora, which weighs in at OVER 8.5 megs!
- Not really a feature, but The Bat! does not run on Macintosh
computers.  However, you can find reviews of five excellent email
programs for Mac users here:  
 Where Can I Get It?
You can download and try The Bat! free for 30-days.  If you like it,
Stan and his colleagues in Moldova will surely appreciate you sending
the modest $25 registration fee for personal use.  I have no vested
interest in the company, and the folks at RIT Labs don't even know I'm
writing this review.
Personally, I think the price is a bargain, and I've installed The
Bat! for use by the customer service reps at my
operation.  The ability to pipe incoming emails to an external program
has allowed us to automate our order entry system and eliminate MANY
hours of manual typing.  I like that, and I think you'll like The Bat!
too.  You can find more information and the download link here:  
I know that for some people, the choice of email programs can arouse
strong feelings.  So if you're a fan of Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook, etc.
- that's fine.  Just keep right on using your under-powered,
bug-ridden bloatware.  Nyah, nyah, plbbbbbbbbbbt!  :-)
That's all for now - see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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