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               TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 92 -- 16 May 2000
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              TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Rider's Revenge #13
Hi All!  Bob here with another Rider's Revenge issue, where I share
the sites that Tourbus riders think are cool.  If you have a favorite
site that's of general interest to an international audience, tell me
about it.  You just might see your name in the next Rider's Revenge!
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Joe West from Los Angeles, California writes:
I have just finished up what I'd like to think is a pretty helpful
guide to free Internet Service Providers.  Whether you live in the
US or Canada or Belgium or Finland or France or Germany or other
places tucked way in the far four corners of the world... there's
a good chance you can surf for free.  Please have a look.  
Your riders may also be interested in a mysterious site I found the
other day while just word surfing.  It's loaded with really cool
search tools... medical look-up, people-finder, rent-a-car finder,
lots of medical stuff... but the mysterious thing is... not a single
logo or ad banner anywhere. There's no indication whatsoever who set
this thing up. I even tried to look them up in Network Solutions
whois and it's all "unlisted".  Spooooooky!  
Also, please take a look at WorldSwitch.  This guy has put together
more than 1500 pages of well organized easy-to-surf links with home
pages for more than 200 different countries. Something your readers
from around the world will likely appreciate.  
ED: Joe West has a nifty radio show called HERE ON THE WEB.  If
you've got the time and a windows media player, pop over and listen
to some of his shows on  
Sue Nail from Chicago, Illinois writes:
I thought you might be interested in PCPitstop. It's a free online
"service station" for PCs.  A series of automated tests will show
-  what settings you can change to enhance your current performance
-  if you have the most recent software patches for your programs
-  your actual Internet connection speed (and speedup tips)
-  the best settings to protect your computer from viruses, invasive
   applications and snoopers  
ED: I tried PCPitStop and found it useful.  But it does require
Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and the Internet Explorer browser.
Marcus Zillman from Marco Island, Florida writes:
Hello Bob.  Have enjoyed your TourBus very much......keep up the
excellent work!!
I have just updated what has been considered by quite a few folks as
one of the more comprehensive sites on the Net for hoaxes, myths,
frauds, anti-spam, network security etc.  I like to call it "The
Net's Truth Squad".  It is at the following address:  
ED: Take note, gentle readers.  Flattery will take you places. :-)
Cliff Kurtzman from Houston, Texas writes:
MyJobSearch is a site that I thought might make a good Tourbus stop.
They are a major recruiting portal with access to tons of great
information for anyone looking for employment.   
Max Levitte from New York, New York writes:
ConsumerSearch reviews hundreds of product reviews, analyzes them,
distills the information and recommends which products are the best.
For each product category, ConsumerSearch offers:
- ALL THE REVIEWS REVIEWED (rankings of all the top reviews)
- FULL STORY (analysis of who the experts are and what they say)
- FAST ANSWERS (just the top-rated products, according to experts)
When the expert reviewers disagree, ConsumerSearch writers try to
determine whose work is more credible. The site can also be used
as a search engine to find product reviews and information.  
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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