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                    TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: TUCOWS
Hi all!  Today we're going to visit TUCOWS - one of greener pastures
of cyberspace, where you can forage through a huge software library
and download the hottest shareware and freeware titles for Windows,
Mac, Linux and more!
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The TUCOWS Software Library
TUCOWS bills itself as "the leading distributor of digital content on
the Internet".  Perhaps a bit pompous, but it IS a great place to find
software reviews and links to download tons of excellent shareware and
TUCOWS started life as a Windows-centric software site (the acronym
stands for The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software) but today the
acronym is an anachronism.  :-)  The current TUCOWS libraries include
software for all flavors of Windows, as well as Mac, Linux, BeOS, PDAs
and Handhelds with nearly 40,000 titles overall.
Every piece of software in the TUCOWS libraries is certified to be
virus-free, which is not necessarily the case at public download
sites.  In addition, each title is reviewed and given a "Cow-Rating"
of 1 to 5 cows.  (More cows is better)  And to keep your download time
as short as possible, TUCOWS maintains over 900 affiliate sites around
the world.  Before starting any download, you must select the closest
geographical download site.
 Getting Started at TUCOWS
The TUCOWS home page is rather crowded, and the network of TUCOWS
affiliated sites can be a bit difficult to navigate, so I recommend
that you try one of these methods to find what you're after:
 * Use the Search Box (if you're looking for something specific)
   The search box at the top of the page will quickly take you to
   the section of the TUCOWS network that has what you want.
 * The Software Index (if you're just browsing)
   Click on the Software Index in the TOOLBOX area on the top left
   to browse alphabetical listings by Name, Section, Rating or
   license type (Freeware or Shareware).
One minor annoyance I experienced while moving around the TUCOWS
network is that the BACK button doesn't always work.  I solved this
problem by popping up the History window (Ctrl-H).  Here's a sampling
of stuff you'll find in the TUCOWS software libraries:
  - CD, Jukebox & MP3 Players
  - Bookmark Utilities, Browser Add-Ons, Searchbots
  - Internet Phones, Web Cams
  - E-Mail Tools, Modem Sharing, Web Accelerators
  - Anti-Spam Tools
  - Games, Compression Utilities
  - HTML Utilities, Auction Tools
  - Language Translators, Image Animators
  - Stock Quotes, Weather Monitors
  - Anti-Virus, Parental Control
  - Backup and Restore
 Try These On For Fun
I poked around a bit and found a couple of programs I thought were
worth a try.  If you do a lot of searching, try these:
  FOR WIN: Copernic 2000 (Searchbots category)
  FOR MAC: Web Finder LE (Browsers and Accessories category)
Both are freeware utilities that will bounce your search words against
multiple popular search engines and collate the results.
 Head Of The Herd
Another feature you'll find at the TUCOWS home page is Head Of The
Herd, where you'll find a program that TUCOWS selects each week as one
of their outstanding pieces of software.  Depending on your needs, you
can check out the featured software in the Win, Mac, Office, PDA, HTML
and Kids categories.  Here are some of this week's picks:
  WIN: GetRight - allows you to restart interrupted file downloads
  where you left off, instead of starting back at the beginning.
  MAC: iDonate - automatically logs in to and on your behalf.
 TUCOWS Tutorials
Also available via the TUCOWS home page is a group of tutorials that
new users will find helpful.
 - How to find software
 - How to download software
 - How to upload software
 - How to buy software
 - HTML Lessons
 - Glossary of Internet Terms
 Domain Direct and Open SRS
Although these services are not directly related to software
libraries, TUCOWS also provides domain name registration services.
Since TUCOWS is an ICANN-accredited registrar, you can use their
Domain Direct service to register or renew existing .COM, .NET and
.ORG domains, at fees lower than those charged by Network Solutions.
TUCOWS can also put you in business as a domain name Registration
Service Provider, with their OpenSRS (Open Shared Registration System)
offering.  For details, see one of these sites:  
That's all for now, enjoy your visit to TUCOWS, and I'll see you
next time!  --Bob Rankin
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