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             TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 109 -- 15 July 2000
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Howdy, y'all, and greetings from the sultry city of Tuscaloosa,
Alabama, humidity capitol of the universe.  I don't know about you,
but when the temperature outside is 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38 C) and
the humidity makes it feel like it is 116 degrees (47 C), I take that
as a sign to STAY INSIDE!  :)
By the way, I apologize ahead of time for all of the typos and
misspellings in today's post.  Trying to type with a cast on my right
hand [it is a LONG story] is both challenging and a tad bit amusing.
TOURBUS is made possible by the kind support of our sponsors.  I thank
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"PagooT" for making today's post possible.  As always, please visit
our wonderful sponsors and thank them for keeping the bus rolling!
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On with the show ...
Virus Myths
For all the talk there is about computer viruses, few people actually
understand how viruses actually work and are spread.  This lack of
understanding has fueled an environment of panic and fear among
otherwise rational people.  Someone makes up a story about how there
is a new computer virus being spread by #2 pencils, and people --
especially the media -- fall for it hook, line, and sinker.
One of the people leading the movement to change this environment of
fear and misunderstanding is Rob Rosenberger.  Longtime netizens will
remember that Rob used to run the Computer Virus Myths homepage at  Well, I am happy to announce that Rob has a new Web site
at .
According to Rob, the goals of the site are to "dispel
computer virus myths, misconceptions, urban legends, and hoaxes," as
well as to improve your "knowledge of lesser-known, technically
oriented, and/or controversial issues in the virus research field."
What I like the most about Rob Rosenberger is that he doesn't pull any
punches.  For example, some bozo recently created a warning saying that
there is a new virus that infects cell phones.  Rob's response?  "Put
fresh batteries in your clue meter.  Don't get swept up by this hoax."
With all of the "OHLORDYLORDY, THE SKY IS FALLING" warnings out there,
Rob's terse and sometimes sarcastic approach is a breath of fresh air.
The site has five major sections:
      HOT NEWS -- this is the main page, and it shows you
      some of the latest virus warnings, hoaxes, and industry news.
      HOAXES [ ] -- this is a HUGE,
      encyclopedic collection of virus hoaxes that have circulated
      around the Net and in the media.
      RESOURCES [ ] -- this section
      points you to resources that will give you information about real
      viruses, teach you how tell if a virus alert is a hoax, and so
      RANTINGS [ ] -- Rob doesn't suffer
      fools gladly, and in this section Rob presents his latest essay
      or open letter about viruses, hoaxes, and the public's reaction to
      both.  A lot of gray beards on the Net pay attention to Rob's
      rantings, so this section is a must-read.  Don't forget to also
      check the archive on the left-hand side of the Rantings section.
      ABSURD [ ] -- currently,
      this section contains excerpts from the Kevin & Kell comic strip.
      Maybe the fact that my hand hurts is clouding my judgment, but I
      didn't find the comic strips to be all that amusing ... or
While you are at, I srongly recommend that you read the
site's FAQ at .
This one page will tell you more about computer viruses and virus
hoaxes than any book or Internet newsletter ever could.  :)
Cow Parade
If you were in Zurich two years ago or in Chicago last year, you
probably noticed that both cities were literally infested with cows.
Life-sized fiberglass polyester cows, to be exact.  Companies
sponsored the cows, gave them to artists to decorate, and then
sprinkled the decorated cows throughout town.  The fiberglass cows
were so popular that they attracted as many as 1 million new
visitors to Zurich and 2-3 million visitors to Chicago.
Wait.  It gets better.
Because of the success of the Zurich and Chicago cows, a new company
-- CowParade Holdings (I *swear* I am not making this up) -- was
formed to "develop and cultivate the CowParade concept and bring
unique public art exhibitions to cities worldwide."  And, of course,
CowParade Holdings has a Web site: .
The Cow Parade site gives you information about and pictures of the
500 cows that are currently on display in New York City, as well the
67 cows in Stamford, Connecticut, and the 28 cows in West Orange, New
Jersey.  The site is still a work in progress -- their store isn't up
yet, and they haven't uploaded all of the pictures of the New York
cows -- but considering that 50 cities around the world have shown
interest in having their own Cow Parade, the Cow Parade site will soon
become your one-stop place for all of your fiberglass cow needs.  :)
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll
talk again soon.
YELLA (adjective).  The color between orange and green in the visible
Usage: "Brush yer teeth, Bubba ... they's YELLA!"
[Special thanks go to ME for today's word]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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