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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 02 -- 20 July 2000
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          TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC:  21 Essential Sites
Hi, it's Bob here again.  Patrick is still recovering from a painful
hand injury, so I'm filling in today with a distilled version of
Patrick's 21 Essential Web Sites.  I'm sure you'll enjoy them, so
please feel free to pass this issue along!
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While visiting teachers in the Tuscaloosa County schools, Patrick
developed a list of 21 Essential Web Sites.  I share Patrick's opinion
that a really good "starter set" of web sites will make you a lot more
confident online, and motivate you to use the Internet more and more.
So I'm going to present an edited list of Patrick's 21 Essential Sites
for you today.  Patrick's full commentary appeared in TOURBUS on Feb
10th and 17th, 2000.  You can find these issues in the archives at

1) Yahoo
One of the Net's most popular search engine/directory sites. It's a
great resource to help you locate something, but it is not so good for
"encyclopedia" or "research" questions.
2) Yahooligans
Yahoo for kids.  GREAT for elementary school (K-6) students, as well
as for adults looking for 'simple' information.  SPECTACULAR for
biographical searches.
3) Altavista
A very powerful search engine with a HUGE database.  You can also use
AltaVista to search for pictures -- just click on AltaVista's "Images"
4) Search Engine Watch
The best place to learn EVERYTHING about search engines.  To learn how
to search the Web, click on "Web Searching Tips" and then choose
either "Search Engine Math" or "Power Searching for Anyone."
5) Dogpile
Your new favorite search engine.  Dogpile sends your searches to over
a dozen search engines, showing you the first ten hits from each.
6) Google
A "popularity" search engine.  Google sorts your hits based on the how
popular they are -- in other words, how many other sites point to that
particular hit.
7) Britannica
The Encyclopedia Britannica's Web site.  The site includes the
Britannica Internet Guide, all of the articles in the Encyclopedia
Britannica, and much more.
8) Ditto
A family-friendly image search engine.  The folks at ditto look at
each image before adding it to their database, and they do not link to
any offensive imagery.
9) Gateway to Educational Materials
A search engine for high quality lesson plans, curriculum units, and
other education resources on the Internet.  Think of it as the Dogpile
of lesson plans -- it searches EVERYTHING.
10) Intellicast
The BEST Weather site on the Net.  Intellicast's radar imagery is
fantastic, and their forecasts use both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
11) WhatIs
---------- is a free online encyclopedia of technology terms.  The
site takes a little getting used to, but if you want to know the
difference between RDRAM and DDR DRAM, will explain it.
12) CNET
The self-proclaimed center of the digital domain.  CNET offers
in-depth reviews of computer hardware, a price comparison search
engine, thousands of downloads, and the latest technology news.
13) ZDNet
I am going to get flamed within an inch of my life for saying this,
but here goes:  ZDNet is CNET's twin brother.  Both are wonderful tech
resources. (ED: CNET just acquired ZDNet for $1.6 billion.)
14) Good Morning Silicon Valley
Published daily by the San Jose Mercury, Good Morning Silicon Valley
offers one-paragraph snippets of the latest technology news.  A must-
read for anyone interested in technology or tech stocks.
15) Today's Papers
Today's Papers is a daily news briefing compiled from the NY Times,
Washington Post, the LA Times, and other major newspapers.  Use it to
keep up with what is going on in the US and the world.
16) Yahoo Full Coverage
The best place to turn for information about current events.  For
every major news event, you'll find links to related news articles
from Reuters, BBC, AP, CNNfn and relevant websites.
17) Microsoft Safe Kids
Offers free Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that teach your
children how to protect themselves online.  A teacher's guide is also
18) Get Net Wise
Get Net Wise is the center for online child safety.  Get Net Wise
offers tips for parents and educators, reviews of filtering software,
and many other online child safety resources.
19) Even Better
Even Better (aka DealTime) is a price comparison engine.  Find the
cheapest online prices for books, movies, and music.  Patrick suggests
"Buy books in your hometown and buy everything else online."
20) Amazing Bargains
Amazing Bargains has a collection of coupons and discount codes for
most major online ecommerce sites.  Before you purchase ANYTHING
online, visit Amazing Bargains first.
21) The Internet TOURBUS
A free, twice-weekly Internet newsletter.  If you don't subscribe,
squirrels will harvest your kidneys.  To subscribe, go to the Web site
and click on SUBSCRIPTIONS.
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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