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               TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 06 -- 04 Aug 2000
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    Lego Coke Machine / Buffaloes, Pigs, and Moose ... OH MY!
    Yep ... we've got some addresses.  :)
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from sultry Tuscaloosa,
Alabama!  :)
TOURBUS is made possible by the kind support of our sponsors.  A big
thanks to LifeSupport System, Home Dental, and Pagoo for keeping the
Bus rolling.  Please visit and say thanks!
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On with the show ...
I'd Like to Throw The World A Coke ...
I am happy to announce that after some last minute tweaking, Angela,
Roxanne, and I were finally able to get our Lego Coke machine to work!
YIPPEE!  [You will remember that one of the things I was working on at
Pepperdine last week was a problem-solving activity using Legos,
sensors, and a programming language called Logo.]
You can follow the development of our infamous Lego Coke machine from
start to finish at 
I have to warn you that our Coke machine in kind of silly.
By the way, we also created a short, downloadable video in both
QuickTime and Real Video formats that shows our Coke machine in
action.  I think you'll enjoy the "special" way we dispense our Cokes.
A *BUNCH* of TOURBUS riders have asked for information on where they
can purchase Lego ROBOLAB kits, software, and programmable yellow
bricks for their own kids or classrooms.  Your locally-owned specialty
toy store should be able to order these kits for you, or you
can purchase them online at .
If you aren't comfortable purchasing things online, check out 
and click on the "Where to Buy" link at the top left-hand side of the
page.  This takes you to a page that shows you every authorized Lego
Dacta dealer around the world.
The Lego ROBOLAB kits aren't exactly cheap -- NOTHING from Lego ever
is -- but they are amazing constructivist learning tools.  And, as
Angela, Roxanne, and I can attest, they are a heck of a lot of fun
too.  :)
First Cows ... Then PIGS!
A few weeks ago, we talked about Cow Parade Web site at .
You will remember that over the past couple of years several major
cities have purchased life-sized, fiberglass polyester cows; sold the
cows to companies who in turn gave the cows to local artists to
decorate; and then sprinkled the decorated cows throughout town.  The
fiberglass cows have become tourist attractions in and of themselves,
attracting as many as 1 million new visitors to Zurich and 2-3 million
visitors to Chicago.
The Cow Parade site [ ] gives you
information about and pictures of the 500 fiberglass cows that are
currently on display in New York City, as well the 67 cows in
Stamford, Connecticut, and the 28 cows in West Orange, New Jersey.
Well, it looks like the cows have gone international.  Canadian
TOURBUS rider Cathy Bush writes that
      Every year there's the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede with a
      big rodeo, chuckwagon races, and a big focus in the whole city
      on everything cowboy (a good excuse for normally quiet city
      dwellers to wear cowboy duds for 2 weeks to work and spend a lot
      of time drinking and saying YAHOO).
      We have some cows of our own this year, too. I thought I would
      pass on the website:
      It's not on the same scale as the one in NYC, but it is the
      first year.
Toronto, on the other side of Canada, chose moose (or is that
"meese?").  Pat Buczkowski writes that
      there must be something in the air/water, because the City of
      Toronto is doing something similar with moose.  It's called
      "Moose in the City". Here's the description:
      "Catch a glimpse of moose this summer in Canada's largest
      metropolis. Herds of majestic moose will take to the streets of
      Toronto in an extraordinary outdoor art event.  Colourful moose
      sculptures, designed by local Toronto artists, will adorn street
      corners, squares and boulevards in Toronto's downtown core."
      These beasts will be on display from July through to October
      At the end of moose season, patrons will be invited to donate
      Their sculptures to a moose auction, with the net proceeds going
      to the Olympic Team and local Toronto charities. For more info,
      check out the webpage at:
Several other riders in the Great White North -- including Marshall
Egelnick and Ray Saitz -- wrote in to suggest a second Toronto moose
page: .
Not to be outdone by their neighbor to the North, the city of Buffalo,
New York, has deployed -- what else? -- a herd of fiberglass
buffaloes.  Brian A Fahey writes that
      Buffalo NY is being swamped by Fiberglass Buffalo's.  There is
      one I'm especially enamoured with. It is a Teddy Roosevelt look
      alike Buffalo in front of the House where he was inaugurated.  I
      later found out that one of my friends and business associates
      was the artist.  (Gads he's tallented)
You can find out more about Buffalo's chilly bison ("tatonka!") at .
In what is probably the greatest Marge Schott joke in history (I'M
KIDDING!), Susan Oliver writes that
      Not to be outdone by the Chicago Cows, in Cincinnati this summer
      pigs are displayed all over the city. Check out:
The fiberglass animal craze isn't limited to cities in the North.
According to Mark Robinson, New Orleans has fiberglass fish:
      Since you talked about the cows, I thought I'd mention the fish
      "Festival of Fins" here in New Orleans.  The official FoF site is
      and there's a fan site at
J. Ellen VanHoose suggests that y'all pay a visit to beautiful
      I live in Lexington, Kentucky, the "Heart of Horse Country" here
      in the center of "The Bluegrass State."  Since we are a horse
      centered place, our city has done a horse centered exhibit.
      Right now around our city you will find horse art of all kinds,
      but our special event is full size horse statues done by local
      artists. This exhibit will run through November and then the
      horses will be auctioned off and the money used for charity.  You
      can find out more at:
Finally, an unnamed TOURBUS rider writes in with what is probably the
greatest idea of them all:
      As an alternative to the Cow Parade, Tourbus Riders might enjoy
      seeing our panoply of Snoopys in St. Paul MN.  The late Charles
      Schultz was born in Minneapolis and raised in St. Paul, and we
      are honoring his memory in a unique way.  Businesses and groups
      have sponsored 75 statues of that famous cartoon dog for display
      around Minnesota's capital city.  Each Snoopy has a unique
      design, and will be auctioned later this summer.  Proceeds will
      be used for a scholarship fund for young cartoonists and
      illustrators at Schulz's alma mater, the Art Instruction School;
      for a Charles M. Schulz Endowed  Chair of Illustration at the
      College of Visual Arts: and for a permanent bronze sculpture of
      the whole Peanuts gang in St. Paul.
      Your readers can learn more about our special salute at these
Now if only I could convince my hometown of Tuscaloosa to have a
"Festival of Squirrels!"  :P
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll
talk again next week.  :)
    Lego Coke Machine / Buffaloes, Pigs, and Moose ... oh my!
    Yep ... we've got some addresses.  :)
FRUNCHARD (noun) -- the usually grassy area in front of a residence.
Usage: " Bubba's out in the frunchard with Mary Ann pickin' some
[Special thanks go to famous Atlanta resident John Doyle for today's
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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