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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 07 -- 08 Aug 2000
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          TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC:  TerraServer / Jotter
Welcome back to another week on the Internet Tourbus.  Today we've got
some cool stuff to check out, including aerial photography, a nifty
net tool and an update on Paypal security.  Read on!
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Would you like to see an aerial view of your back yard, or other
interesting places around the world?  The Microsoft TerraServer site
provides easy access to aerial image data supplied by the U.S.
Geological Survey (USGS) and Russian satellite imagery from SPIN-2, a
joint venture of SOVINFORMSPUTNIK and two US-based companies.  
You can use TerraServer to search for imagery by typing a specific
place name, clicking on the world coverage map, using "Advanced Find"
to search by latitude and longitude or by selecting from TerraServer's
list of Famous Places.  TerraServer has excellent coverage of the USA,
many European locations, and to a lesser extent, spots in Africa, the
Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia.
The non-US images correspond with the areas of concern to the Russians
during the Cold War, but SPIN-2 is working to provide comprehensive
world coverage over the next few years. Click on over to TerraServer
and check out some of these points of interest:
 - Alcatraz
 - The Statue of Liberty
 - The Astrodome and other stadiums
 - Shuttle Launch Pads at Kennedy Space Center
 - Daytona Speedway
 - The Pentagon
 - Disney World
 - Seattle's Space Needle
 - The Grand Canyon
 - Your Neighborhood!
The Jotter Personal Assistant is an amazing little tool that has been
called the "Swiss Army Knife of the Internet".  It can make your
Internet experience more fun, efficient and profitable.  Here's what
Jotter will do for you:
 - remembers your passwords and IDs
 - fills in all your on-line forms
 - plays your MP3 and CD music
 - reminder feature keeps you on top of your schedule
 - quick access to your Netscape and Explorer bookmarks
 - live ticker with news, weather, sports, stocks and more
PLUS, Jotter actually pays you money while you're online.  You just
surf the way you normally do and you'll get paid at the same time. All
you do is download the Jotter software, enter the Get Paid Program and
then start collecting money.  I've done it myself, and it's that easy.
Jotter will pay you $.50 for every hour you use it, up to a maximum of
15 hours per month. But that's just the tip of the iceberg... Jotter
also pays you $.05 per hour for the time your friends spend on-line,
AND $.05 per hour for the people that join under your friend's friends
- down to five levels.
If you're thinking this sounds similar to the AllAdvantage program
I've mentioned earlier in TOURBUS, you're right.  They are similar,
but the good news is they are compatible - so you can participate in
both if you choose.
Jotter is always FREE, and your privacy is completely protected. Download
Jotter now, try it for yourself, and start getting PAID for time that you
and your friends spend online. Get started today and you'll get a $5
WebCertificate that you can use at your favorite online stores!  
Sam Johnson used PayPal in July to purchase hard drives from an online
auction site.  He paid $418, but the hard drives never arrived.
Turns out he was scammed.  Johnson and others had assumed that the
same safeguards which apply to credit card transactions would apply
when using PayPal.  But at the time, PayPal had no measures in place
to protect buyers from dishonest sellers.
But things have recently changed for the better.  A new policy
announced August 1st protects buyers from fraud when using the PayPal
If a PayPal member is defrauded when dealing with a seller who has
been "verified", then PayPal will reimburse that buyer for the loss. A
seller becomes verified when they provide their name, address and bank
information to the PayPal service.  And PayPal will also warn buyers
if they're about to send money to an unverified seller.
This makes good sense, and is good for business.  Since PayPal has all
the information they need to track down fraudulent vendors, they're
smart to offer this added consumer protection to the buyers using
their service -- everybody wins.
Speaking of a win-win proposition, you may remember that we announced
a special promotion about a month ago which gives you a chance to get
TOURBUS PLUS for FREE, if you sign up for the PayPal service.
By way of reminder, TOURBUS PLUS is a paid subscription service for
people who can't get enough of TOURBUS.  Published by Patrick Crispen
every Saturday-ish, TOURBUS PLUS is an exclusive newsletter available
only to TOURBUS subscribers, and is full of nifty site reviews, web
tutorials, and of course Patrick's famous and humorous commentary on
All Things Internet.  Here's the deal:
  - We've reduced the price of TOURBUS PLUS from $10 to $5
  - You sign up for PayPal and get your $5 new-member bonus
  - Then use Paypal to send us the $5 fee for TOURBUS PLUS
  - Your net cost is ZERO.
Please use the link below to find complete details on how to
participate in this offer:
   PayPal - 
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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