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               TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 13 -- 29 Aug 2000
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      TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPICS: MagPortal / Satire Wire
Welcome back to another week on the World's Biggest Bus!  Today I've
cooked up a blend of serious research and comic relief for our tour
of two sites you'll definitely enjoy -- so feel free to pass this
issue along to a friend.
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So many print magazines are putting some or all of their content
online these days, which makes the Web an even more valuable research
tool.  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to search the full text
of all those articles, without visiting every magazine's website?
Ding!  MagPortal does just that -- helping people find free online
magazine articles on a wide range of topics from a diverse and growing
range of publications such as Atlantic Monthly, Christianity Today,
Entertainment Today, Forbes, Fortune, Golf Digest, Internet World,
Ladies Home Journal, New Republic, PC World, Popular Mechanics,
Scientific American, Sports Illustrated, Time (including the Asia
and Europe editions), Utne Reader, and Wired -- about 150 in all. 
MagPortal lets you browse through listings of individual articles
by topic, or you can use their search engine to find articles.
Even cooler, when an interesting article is found, you can click an
icon to get a list of similar articles or to mark the article
for future reference.  New article listings are added each
business day.
You want relevance?  You got it.  Unlike generic search engines such
as AltaVista, Lycos, etc., new pages are usually added to the
MagPortal search engine within a day or two of being posted to the
Net.  Also, because the search results are restricted to magazines,
the low quality web pages which sometimes appear in search results
from the generic engines are automatically filtered out.  I think
you'll find MagPortal a useful research tool.  Give it a try!
Satire Wire is a very funny site I recently discovered which pokes
fun at the businesses and technologies of the New Economy.  Articles
are written in press release style, and according to editor Treat
Warland, the goal is to "leverage our platform-agnostic satirical
skillset to facilitate enterprise-wide cynicism of the new economic
paradigm."  Classic corporate mumbo jumbo!  Here are a few samples:
  Washingon, D.C. ( - In a clarifying brief, Microsoft
  today urged the Supreme Court not to hear its antitrust case, but
  to send it to the jury from the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, a move
  that, Microsoft argued, would ensure that the software giant receive
  a fair hearing and eventually be found not guilty...
  Dulles, Va. ( - America Online, which recently
  launched a membership drive offering 700 hours of free Internet
  access in the first month, outdid itself today by announcing that
  new members can now get 25 years of free Internet access during
  the one-month trial period...
I loved the Charts section at Satire Wire.  Don't miss "Chart
Imitates Life", "How It Works" and "Graph-o-Meter".  Try putting up
one of these at your next business presentation.  :-)
SatireWire has won awards from USA Today, Netscape, Yahoo! and many
others.  I've always enjoyed satire and have dabbled a bit myself,
concocting spoofs of my college newspaper, and even the church
bulletin - The Schmulletin.  Just be forewarned that their taste in
humor may not be yours, and SatireWire is intended for use by those
age 18 and over.  Check it out here:  
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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