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               TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 15 -- 7 Sept 2000
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    The Olympics
    ... and a whole lot more!
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from beautiful Tuscaloosa,
Alabama!  :)
Your fearless bus driver will be on the road next week, speaking at
the Mississippi Business Education Association conference in Biloxi on
Friday the 15th and at the Georgia Business, Marketing, and
Informational Technology professional development conference in
Savannah on Saturday the 16th.  If you are going to be in that neck of
the woods, feel free to drop by.  I'd love to see you!
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On with the show ...
The Olympics
One week to go!  If Sydney's games are ANYTHING like Sydney's Y2K
celebration, we're all going to be glued to our TVs for the next
couple of weeks.  :)
During the commercials, though, we might want to hop online and check
out a few of the Olympics Web sites that have recently popped up.  Of
course, the official Web site of the Sydney Games is at .
This site's main page will constantly be updated throughout the games,
but if you want some more in-depth information you're going to have to
do a little digging.  Fortunately, the Sydney Games site is pretty
intuitive.  From the top of the main page you can access a variety of
sections, but the most visited will probably be the Sports section at .
This is where you can to go to find the latest results from 37
different sports ranging from archery to wrestling.  In fact, click on
a sport on the pull-down list and you are taken to a page that shows
you not only the results from that sport's competitions but also that
sport's history, rules, schedule, and even an in-depth list of who's
qualified.  Oh, and if you are wondering why the list of sports
doesn't include track and field, don't panic: in the Olympics track
and field is called, simply, "athletics."
IBM says that the Sydney Games site will also offer
      Real-time results consoles  Streaming results, event statistics,
      links to photos, news and related content for 11 sports can be
      downloaded to computer desktops during the games. Results
      consoles will be available for: athletics, baseball, basketball,
      diving, football (soccer), gymnastics, sailing, tennis, triathlon
      and volleyball (indoor and beach).
Try as I might, I couldn't find the consoles ANYWHERE.  Hopefully
they'll start popping up when the games get a little closer.
By the way, do you remember hearing about the "Surf Shack" in Atlanta,
the place where athletes could go to check their email and post their
own Web pages?  It's back!  The FanM@ail site at 
lets you send an email message to any of the 10,000+ athletes in
IBM expects that Sydney's Olympic Web site will receive over 6 billion
hits, ten times the number of hits Atlanta's Olympic Web site received
in 1996.  Let's just hope that IBM doesn't suffer the same problems
they had in Atlanta.  Long-time riders will remember that IBM's "Info
'96" system, dubbed "Info '97" by the media because of how long it
took the system to display event results, suffered a long string of
embarrassing glitches:
      The Irish Times reported that the flubs in Info '96 included
      reporting that an Austrian and a Dane set track cycling world
      records on the day before the event took place; that three-round
      boxing matches reportedly ended in the fourth, fifth and sixth
      rounds; that 36 weightlifters in the 64kg snatch competition --
      including 10 Europeans and five Latin Americans -- all set Asian
      records; that a French fencer set a world record in the 400
      meters; and that some boxers were measured at two feet tall and
      others at 21 feet.
I don't think this will happen in Sydney.  In fact, I bring this up
only because most journalists and Web sites will be getting their
information straight from IBM.  If IBM's system does "burp," everyone
will suffer ... including the Olympic Web sites around the world.
Talking about Olympic Web sites around the world, the BEST place to
track your local Olympians' progress in Sydney is, surprise surprise,
your local newspaper's Web site.  Your paper will have a special
online section dedicated to your hometown Olympic heroes.
Here in the States, the games will be televised by NBC, and NBC has
created their own Olympics Web site at .
CNN's Olympics Web site is at 
and the BBC's is at .
Our friends at Yahoo Full Coverage will also be covering the Olympics,
pulling news stories and results from media sources around the globe.
You can find Yahoo Full Coverage's Olympics Page at .
If you want to get your Olympics news straight from one of Sydney's
hometown newspapers, check out the Sydney Morning Herald's Olympics
Page at .
Finally, the Olympics won't be the only major sporting event held in
Sydney this year.  From October 18th to the 29th, Sydney will also
host 4,000 athletes who will compete in the 2000 Paralympic Games.  To
find out more about this, check out
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll talk ...
oh, wait ... I almost forgot.  Besides reading Seymore Papert's "The
Connected Family" and Neil Gershenfeld's "When Things Start to Think," one
of the other things I had to do in my Intro to Distributed Learning class
at Pepperdine was design a virtual pet.  If you are into that sort of
thing, take a look at my creation at
Now we're done.  :)
    The Olympics
    ... and a whole lot more!
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Usage: "You hairy back now, ya hear?"
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