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             TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 19 -- 22 Sept 2000
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   The LangaList / The Mac Fab Five
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from the beautiful city of
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, financial capital of the new European Union.  :P
I have some shocking news: your fearless bus driver *may* have a cable
modem soon.  The key word here is *may*.  The folks at Comcast are
saying that cable modem access *may* be available in my neighborhood
in "two or three weeks."  Of course, they've been saying that since
the beginning of AUGUST ... but I am still hopeful.  I'll let you know
how the whole installation process goes, IF it ever goes.  :)
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On with the show ...
The LangaList
You may remember that back in January I mentioned a free Internet
newsletter called the "LangaList."  Created by Fred Langa, Windows
Magazine's VP/Editorial Director and Byte Magazine's Editor in Chief,
the LangaList is one of the best Windows-related newsletters I have
ever seen.  [And if you are a Mac user, don't panic.  I haven't
forgotten you.  The last half of today's TOURBUS post is especially
for you!]
Every Monday and Thursday, Langa gives you "tips, tricks, and other
information you need to make the most of your hardware, your software,
and your time online."  If you are a Windows user, I strongly
recommend that you subscribe to the LangaList.  It is short, it is
free, and it is a must-read.  And even if you aren't a Windows user, I
still recommend that you subscribe.  While Langa's articles about
Windows patches, tips, and tricks probably won't help you much (other
than to give you something to chuckle at when you see all the problems
we non-Mac users are having with our OS), Langa also writes about
topics that are important to EVERYONE who is part of the digital
Langa has been on a roll over the past couple of weeks, writing some
of the best newsletter articles I have ever seen posted to the Net.
For example, as part of a series of articles on system maintenance
that he wrote for the Web site, Langa created a set of four
free Windows batch files that can "scrub your hard drive clean of
many junk files, freeing up (typically) anywhere from tens to
thousands of megabytes of otherwise-wasted disk space."  Sound
interesting?  Take a look at Langa's 14 September 2000 post at .
If you use Internet Explorer, especially IE 5.5, I also recommend that
you take a look at Langa's 7 September 2000 post at .
The third item in that post gives you step-by-step instructions on how
to change your IE security settings to make yourself "reasonably safe
against things like unwanted auto-installs."  Pretty important stuff,
folks ... and you aren't going to find information like this anywhere
Both of these posts will give you a good idea of how the LangaList
is structured.  If, after reading these posts, you are interested in
joining the LangaList, there are two ways to subscribe (oh, and it's
free, too):
      1. Send a new, blank email message to
      2. Sign up on the Web at
And, of course, you can always find out more about the LangaList on
the LangaList homepage at .
As I said, Fred Langa has been on a roll recently.  If you are looking
for one of the best Windows-related newsletters on the Net, look no
further.  The LangaList is IT!
The Fab Five for Macs
A few Mac users complained that last week's "Fab Five" post was rather
PC-centric.  For that I apologize.  To make up for that mistake, here
is a Mac version of the five things you need to do to keep your
computer running in tip-top shape.  Unlike PC users, Mac users don't
*HAVE* to do all of these every week, but I still recommend that you
do.  After all, this is a good habit to get into. :)
1. Update your Mac's Virus Definitions
Do Mac users have to update their virus definitions every week?  The
answer is an emphatic YES!  While there are certainly more PC viruses
than Mac viruses, the possibility of new Mac viruses, while slight, is
still greater than zero.  And the possibility of future, cross-
platform viruses (viruses that infect both PCs and Macs) is also quite
real.  Better safe than sorry.
2. Run Apple Software Update
The Mac OS has its own version of Windows Update.  You can find it at
Apple Menu --> Control Panels --> Software Update.  Click on "Update
Now" and follow the on-screen prompts
My former college roommate (and Mac guru) William Yeager adds that
     You may also set a schedule to run Software Update
     automatically.  This feature was part of the "Internet Power
     Tools" that appeared first in Mac OS9.0.  There is a substantial
     update to Mac OS in Mac OS 9.0.4 that can be downloaded through
     Software Update.  There is also an update to Software Update,
     which you will need to get the newer updates.  Of course, if
     you're not connected to the Internet, Software Update will
     connect you.  No web browser necessary.
Chances are you'll only see new updates from time to time.
Okay, two down, three to go.  The next thing Mac users should do every
week or so is ...
3. Run DiskFirstAid
Apple's DiskFirstAid is a built-in tool that scans and, in most cases,
repairs errors on your hard drive.  These errors usually occur when
your computer crashes and has to be restarted.
To run DiskFirstAid on your Mac, double-click on the DiskFirstAid icon
in your utilities folder.  And, like the PC, if you have Norton
Utilities 5.0 on your Mac, use Norton Disk Doctor instead of
Apple's DiskFirstAid.  Disk Doctor is a little more thorough.
The next stop on our weekly hit parade is ...
4. Run Defrag
DiskFirstAid stabilizes your computer.  A disk defragmenter speeds up
your computer.  If you have a Mac, I have some bad news: Macs don't
come with a built-in disk defragmenter.  Don't pout, though -- Norton
Speed Disk (in Norton Utilities 5.0) works wonderfully on a Mac, and
I seem to remember that Alsoft makes a pretty good Mac defrag program
called "DiskExpress Pro"
So, we've updated our virus definitions, downloaded and installed the
latest critical updates, made our computers more stable by running
DiskFirstAid or Disk Doctor, and made our computers a little faster
by running a disk defragmenter.  The last thing Mac users need to do
every week or so is ...
5. Backup your Data
Read Stan Miastkowski's recent article at,1400,18040,00.html .
While the backup software Miastkowski mentions probably won't work on
your Mac, the hardware and the backup tips he offers are truly cross-
platform.  :)
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll
talk again next week.
   The LangaList / The Mac Fab Five
BEE-YUL (Noun).  A request for payment.
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