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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 22 -- 03 Oct 2000
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                    TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Vrooom!
For years I've said there were two things I would never do - ride a
motorcycle and jump out of a plane.  I don't know if it's a repressed
thirst for adventure, a need to face my fears or something else, but
I've decided I must do both!  I'm starting with the motorcycle... read
all about it in this issue of TOURBUS.
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A few weeks ago I decided that I simply had to get a motorcycle.
Mind you, I had never ridden one in my 38 years on this planet, and
most of my friends and family reacted to my sudden mania with shock,
fear or laughter.  Fast forward to today...  I've completed a rider
training course, earned my license, and now I'm the happy owner of a
Kawasaki Vulcan 750.  Here's a picture: 
I'm still learning, so if you're on the road in New York State and you
see me on that thing - GET OUT OF THE WAY!  :-)
In the rest of this issue, I've cobbled together a bunch of excellent
motorcycle-related websites you can explore to find information on
training, safety, legal issues, classifieds and more.  I've made an
effort to include sites that cover the issue from an international
perspective, so enjoy!
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
The MSF is a nonprofit U.S. organization providing information on
motorcycle rider training and safety for riders of all ages.  Some
sections of this site are available in Spanish.  
The "Riding and Street Skills" course I took was developed by the MSF,
and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning how to
ride a motorcycle.  Statistics show that people who take these courses
have a much lower accident rate.  Even if you've never ridden before
(as was true for me), this class will teach you how to operate a
motorcycle SAFELY, with emphasis on the skills and mental attitude
necessary for dealing with traffic.
Motorcycles and helmets are provided, and completion of the course
qualifies you for insurance premium discounts and road test waiver in
most states.  For those who have been riding a while, the MSF's
"Experienced RiderCourse" will help to fine-tune the mental skills
needed for survival in traffic.  Check the MSF website to find the
location of the nearest course.  If you live in Canada or England here
are some links to national motorcycle associations for you:
   Canadian Motorcycle Association - 
   British Motorcyclists Federation - 
And for those in other countries, see the website of the Federation
Internationale De Motocyclisme.  They have links to motorcycle
federations in 80 countries.
   FIM - 
American Motorcyclist Asssociation
The AMA is a 270,000-member organization devoted to protecting and
promoting the interests of American motorcycle enthusiasts.  The AMA
works to defend the rights of motorcyclists by seeking out bad laws
and anti-motorcycling discrimination at all levels and is also the
world's largest motorsports sanctioning body. 
Cycle Trader Online
A large international motorcycle classified ad database with 40,000
items for sale and over 800 dealership listings.  You'll also find
links for financing and insurance, and an excellent Links page you'll
enjoy exploring. 
Motorcycle Online
On the Net since 1994, and billed as "The World's Largest and
Most-Read Digital Motorcycle Magazine", Motorcycle Online features
articles, classifieds, an active bulletin board, and a Virtual Museum
of Motorcycling. Motorcycle Online staff from around the world bring
the latest news to readers in 80 different countries. 
Motorcycle Web Directory
MotoDirectory is a free link service of with the
objective of providing a specialized destination to all interested in
motorcycles, sport riding and the business end of motorcycling.
All entries are validated by hand before being listed hierarchically
in the appropriate category.  You'll find links to products, clubs,
events, ezines, services, rider courses, dealers, a directory of
stolen bikes, and a section just for women riders. 
That's all for now.  See you online, or on the open road! --Bob Rankin
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