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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 24 -- 10 Oct 2000
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          TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC:  Rider's Revenge #15
Hi All!  Bob here with another Rider's Revenge issue, where I share
the sites that Tourbus riders think are cool.  If you have a favorite
site that's of general interest to an international audience, tell me
about it.  You just might see your name in the next Rider's Revenge!
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 Pearls Of The Net
My good net.friend Dave Taylor recently let me in on a fun little
secret -- his "Pearls of the Net" mailing list.  This low-volume list
delivers entertaining information about people, places and off- beat
news stories.  Dave shares interesting Web sites, news articles, and
the occasional genuinely funny joke.
Recent posts featured "20 Ways the World Could End", the "Ig Nobel
Science Awards", and "Do dingoes really eat babies in Australia?" Read
the archives and sign up for Pearls of the Net here: 
 Spamma Jamma
Joe West, from Los Angeles California writes:
Thought you might be interested in a very cool and easy to use anti-
spam, anti-virus program called BrightMail.  I USED to get lots of
spam but not anymore.  BrightMail acts as a filter between your
computer and your e-mail server.  I like it because it doesn't look
for spam by looking for keywords.  Real people at Brightmail collect
spam, then categorize it and add it to a database.  Email sent to you
that's genuine spam or a known virus never reaches your inbox.  Works
great and you can always check what's in your spam box anytime you
want.  Best of all it's FREE! 
 Just The Spot
Cara Flescher, from Evanston Illinois writes:
I thought you and your readers would enjoy a site called PeopleSpot.
PeopleSpot makes it easy to search for the best and most useful
information about people on the Web.  From the site, you can quickly
find biographies, vital records, demographics, population and census
statistics, e-mail, phone, reverse and professional directories,
newsgroups, chat rooms and communities, family, military and missing
person networks, service organizations, support groups, genealogy
resources and much more. 
 Stayin' Alive
Rich Buckley, from St. Louis Missouri writes:
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I'd like you to
visit a site that I believe to be the only portal specifically
dedicated to breast health issues.  Its key benefit is simplifying
women's search for information on breast health.  On average, one
woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every THREE minutes.  This site
will be useful to them and their families. 
 Sharing the Load
Tfshub, from somewhere in AOL-land writes:
The Folding@Home site is like the SETI project but much more
interesting. Can this be a trend where the government and big schools
enlist all of our idle time to do grand experiments?? It would be an
interesting tale for Asimov or Clarke.
Help solve a mystery of molecular biophysics by volunteering your
computer's "free time" to a distributed computing project.  
That's all for now.  See you next time! --Bob Rankin
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