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             TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 25 -- 16 Oct 2000
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   Jekyll Island / The Debate Referee
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from the beautiful city of
Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I want to thank the folks at the Georgia Library
Association for inviting me to speak at their conference on Jekyll
Island last week.  Since I couldn't make it to Hyde Park, where better
to spend Friday the 13th with a full moon than on Jekyll Island?  :P
Seriously, though, I had never heard of Jekyll Island before this
past week.  It turns out that Jekyll Island is one of Georgia's
barrier islands, and in 1886 a group of America's wealthiest families
-- the Rockefellers, Morgans, Vanderbilts, and so on -- purchased the
island and developed it into a private, winter resort.  These families
also built quaint winter "cottages" -- yeah, like 8,000 square feet is
a COTTAGE! -- many of which have been restored in the last couple of
Jekyll Island is a really cool place, especially if you are into
historic districts and historic home renovation (which I am).  And,
best of all, you can find out more about the island from the comfort
of your computer chair.  To learn more about Jekyll Island itself,
check out 
Unfortunately, this site doesn't have much to offer in the way of
pictures or historical information.  Not to worry.  To learn more
about the "Jekyll Island Club," the exclusive winter club for the
"robber barons," check out either 
or .
The former has a brief, textual history of the club (just click on the
"History" button at the bottom of the page), and the latter has a Real
Video presentation about the club (click on the middle, "Jekyll
Island: Historic" button).  In fact, the video is the same video shown
in the island's visitor center.  :)
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On with the show ...
The Debate Referee
I tend not to write about politics for an obvious reason: I don't like
to be flamed.  However, considering that the US presidential election
is only a few weeks away, the outcome of this election will have
international consequences, and the candidates are making so many
claims and counterclaims that it is easy to become confused, I am
going to temporarily break my "no political sites in TOURBUS" rule.
Tucked into a small corner of the Washington Post's "On Politics" site
is a wonderful resource called "The Debate Referee."  During each of
the presidential and vice presidential debates, Washington Post staff
writer Charles Babington, along with a team of other Post writers and
researchers, examines the candidates' debate night claims and charges,
telling you which are true and which are, in the immortal words of
Bill Gates, "hooey."
You can find the Washington Post's Debate Referee page at .
The Debate Referee page has the complete transcripts of the past two
presidential debates as well as the October 5 vice presidential
debate.  To view these transcripts, just click on the appropriate
Embedded into each of the transcripts are little football referees
that point out places where a candidate makes a questionable claim or
charge.  Click on the referee and a JavaScript pop-up window will
appear, the text of which either supports or refutes the candidate's
claims.  It is a cool way to see who's right and who isn't.
If you don't have time to browse through the complete transcript of
the debates, you can jump straight to a questionable claim or charge
straight from The Debate Referee page.  This will make a little more
sense when you visit The Debate Referee page, but when you click on a
particular claim or charge, you are immediately taken to the part of
that debate's transcript where the claim or charge was made.  Then,
just click on the referee icon to see if what the candidates said was
Unfortunately, the Commission on Presidential Debates decided that
only the democratic and republican candidates would be allowed in the
debates, so The Debate Referee page doesn't say much about any of the
third party candidates.  Still, the Washington Post's Debate Referee
page is an amazing resource to help you analyze the US presidential
debates.  And it is also going to be a good place to turn late Tuesday
night or early Wednesday morning to verify all of the claims that will
be made in Tuesday's debate between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  :)
Bill 602-P Claims 2 More Victims
I mentioned this in my last TOURBUS Plus post, but I thought you'd
like to see this as well.  Remember the postage surcharge hoax?  The
bogus story that said that Congress is about pass bill 602-P which
will impose a five cent surcharge on all email messages?  If you
don't, take a look at 
Well, it looks like Bill 602-P has claimed a few more victims: Hillary
Rodham Clinton and Rick Lazio.  For the complete story, take a look at 
Sadly, the story mentions nothing about the candidates' stands on the
volatile issue of kidney harvesting.  :(
A Quick, Personal Note
I tend to joke around a lot, but this is serious.  Ten years ago
today, I was diagnosed with cancer.  Embryonal cell testicular
carcinoma, stage 2, to be exact.  That's the same type of cancer that
Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong had, although his was a little
more advanced.  Fortunately, I was able to catch the cancer early and,
thanks to the help of a great doctor and a heck of a lot of
chemotherapy drugs , this Christmas Eve will mark the 10th anniversary
of my last dose of chemo.  Even more fortunately, I have been free of
cancer ever since.  The chemo worked.  :)
Unless y'all object, starting this Thursday and ending on Christmas
Eve, I'd like to mark this anniversary by ending each of my Thursday-
ish posts with a stop at a cancer research, diagnosis, survival, or
prevention site.  And if you know of any sites you'd like for me to
share, let me know!  :)
That's it for this late edition of TOURBUS!  Have a safe and happy
week, and we'll talk again on Thursday-ish.  :)
CUR-SEE (Noun).  Generosity or kindness.
Usage: "Bubba, you show yer sister some cur-see!"
[Special thanks go to "Shashaken" for today's word]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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