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             TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 33 -- 13 Nov 2000
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   Saving Money Online / More Cancer Resources
Howdy, y'all, and happy Monday/last-Thursday from beautiful
Tuscaloosa, Alabama!  I want to thank the folks at the Tennessee
Association of School Librarians for inviting me to speak at their
conference in Gatlinburg late last week.  I had a GREAT time and I
ate *WAY* too much (folks, there's some good eats in Gatlinburg.)  :)
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On with the show ...
A couple of weeks ago I told you about the toys that won FamilyFun
Magazine's 2000 Toy Awards.  If you missed that or any other TOURBUS
post, take a look at .  Last week
I told you how to protect yourself when you shop online.  Our first
stop this week tells you how to save some money when you shop online.
An Amazing Bargain Flamingo
One of the best-kept secrets on the Net is that most online stores
and e-commerce sites offer unadvertised discounts to special
customers, especially new customers.  These discounts are significant
-- US$10 off a US$25 purchase, US$15 off a US$30 purchase, 25% off
any purchase, and so on.  And these discounts are being offered by
online stores and e-commerce sites you know: Barnes and Noble,, and Sharper Image, to name a few.  Unfortunately, you have
to have a special code or have a special coupon to be able to receive
these discounts.
How do you get one of these special codes or coupons?  Easy.  Just
visit any one of the following sites.
Long-time riders will remember that Amazing-Bargains was one of my top
21 Web sites long before they became a sponsor of our little bus of
Internet happiness.  It still is one of my faves.  Why?  Well, I think
their Web page sums it up rather nicely:
     You can view the bargains by category, by store, new bargains,
     expiring soon, search, or hot bargains.  The bargains on [the]
     main page are only a small sampling of the bargains you will find
     inside.  Currently there are 435 bargains listed in 115 different
You can find Amazing-Bargains at .
Running a VERY close second on my list of favorite online coupon sites
is Flamingo World at .
Flamingo World has a WONDERFUL design, much improved since we last
visited them back on 9 December.  In fact, when I created my list of
Top 21 Web sites, I had a hard time choosing between Amazing-Bargains
and Flamingo World.  In the end I chose Amazing-Bargains because it
has a complete list of coupon-granting stores on its main page, but
whenever I shop for something online I always visit BOTH Amazing-
Bargains and Flamingo World.
Oh, and I want to give a special, belated thank you to fellow TOURBUS
rider Heather Headrick for telling me about both of these sites last
year.  These two sites have saved me a BUNDLE!
By the way, here are just a few of the other online coupon sites that
have popped up over the past couple of years:
     Deal Catcher
And, of course, our friends at Yahoo even have a section for sites
like Amazing-Bargains and Flamingo World: .
Happy savings!  :)
Some More Cancer Resources
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of my being diagnosed with and
eventually beating cancer, I am ending each of my TOURBUS posts
between October 16 (the anniversary of my diagnosis) and December 24
(the anniversary of my last dose of chemotherapy) with pointers to
some of the Net's best cancer sites.
Carolyn asked that I share two breast cancer sites with you:
     The first is:
     Nancy Kelly is a wonderful Georgia lady who has Stage IV breast
     cancer and is STILL writing columns for several newspapers --
     uplifting, honest, poignant, funny articles.  She began by
     calling her site "Journal of a Dying Lady."  That changed pretty
     quickly to "Journal of a Living Lady."  Anyone would be blessed
     by getting to know her.
     Another wonderful site is --
     the Faces of Breast Cancer Gallery.  One thing that will strike
     you as you go through the gallery is how many YOUNG women are
     getting and dying from breast cancer.  You'll also find the
     lovely face of a wonderful man, Bob Stafford, who died two years
     ago of breast cancer.  It's NOT just for women...... a message
     that really needs to get out there.  I believe about 300 men die
     each year in the US from breast cancer.
Ian writes that
     Three years ago, on my 51st birthday (Nov.6/97) I was diagnosed
     with melanoma.  It was pretty serious (3.3mm, Clark's Level IV).
     I have now been three years 'no evidence of disease'.  Melanoma
     cell(s) was/were observed in my lymph vessels, so I could get a
     rude report from any of my regular checkups from now 'till I get
     shot by a jealous husband at the age of 93. (I wish!)  
     One of the primary (no pun intended) sites upon which I came to
     rely was the Melanoma Patients' Information Page
     .  Melanoma is a deadly cancer, not "just
     skin cancer" as many people reply to news of a friend's
Jan suggested that I mention a site that sounds similar to the one
that Ian recommends, but is actually quite different: the
International Myeloma Foundation:  My father died of myeloma ( a rare
     cancer of the bone marrow) on 23rd December last and I'd really
     like to raise awareness of the disease.
An anonymous TOURBUS rider suggets
     This site is the best single collections of pointers to
     information about Leukemia.
Audry recommends UCSF's Cancer Resource Page at  When my brother-in-law was
     diagnosed with cancer, I emailed them for information.  They
     responded immediately, sent literature on his specific cancer,
     and followed up with email.  I even spoke to them on the phone.
Kathy suggest another teaching hospital site:
     Oncolink (, the site maintained by the
     University of Pennsylvania.  I have recommended this site many
     times over the last few years...and everytime I wished I never
     had to do it again, but I'm glad it is there
Barbara sent me a BUCH of sites (and I will try to mention them all in
the weeks to come), but she had one link that I can't believe I
haven't mentioned yet:
     The MD Anderson Cancer Center (
     MD Anderson was named the top cancer research center in the U.S.
     by U.S. News and World Report.  Last week it was featured on NBC
     Nightly News as "the place" where one is most likely to get
     positive results from cancer treatment.
Our final note comes from Mona: -- St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
     thought you might like this site...... The most wonderful thing
     about St.Jude is they tread catastrophic cancers for children
     regardless of race,  religion, or ability to pay for treatment.
     Next to the hospital is the Ronald McDonald house of
     Memphis....where they have 51 rooms for families to stay,
     Meals and lodging is free.... After a long battle with cancer,
     that totally destroyed my father, and being an RN for 15 years, I
     realized that cancer not only touches the patient but leaves the
     families felling fragile and devistated......
     3 years ago I went for a routine exam, well I see you also know
     how i felt when the doctor said ..." I have good news and bad
     news, you have a positive test for adnocarcinoma, CANCER" that
     dreaded word....not me I cant have CANCER!
     No one can understand how those words echoed in my head...I went
     home and at night would turn every light on in my house and slept
     sitting up on my couch....
     after surgery...cancer has not reappeared and all test are
     negative ...Its funny that it takes such a slap across the face
     to wake up our spirits wonderful the world looks
     now.....  and all those important things? ...look so trivial
     now.....We both have been fortunate...haven't we....... thanks
     for sharing....oh yeah and congrats on your 10 years!
Thank YOU, Mona, for your inspirational story!  :)
That's it for this week's perpetually late edition of TOURBUS
(Thursday evening, Monday morning ... what's the difference?!)  Have a
safe and happy week, and we'll talk again later this week ... or next.
   Saving Money Online / More Cancer Resources
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