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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 34 -- 07 Nov 2000
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          TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Doing Good - Cyberstyle
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated here in the USA in just a few days.
Aside from being a time to reflect on our many blessings, it's also an
opportunity to be a blessing to others.  I recently read that
happiness is never found by the person shopping for it.  Rather, we
find happiness by doing good for others.  Today's TOURBUS will take us
to some places where we can do that online.
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There are a number of websites where you can make a donation to a good
cause (world hunger, cancer research, etc.) just by clicking. At first
it might sound strange that you can click a button and a hungry person
in some third world country will magically receive food.  It really
does work, but it's not magic.
These sites are sponsored by companies that have agreed to donate a
few cents for each click, so it costs you nothing.  The sponsors get
exposure, the charity gets a donation, and you feel good for your part
in making it happen.  Everybody Happy!  The sites listed below are
some of my favorites.
The Hunger Site
The Hunger Site was the first "click-to-donate" site.  You can click
once per day and make a difference in the fight to end hunger in
countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Cambodia, and Bosnia.  Since
June 1999, more than 200 million cups (11,000 metric tons) of food
donations have been generated and distributed by groups such as Mercy
Corps and United Nations World Food Programme. 
Click on the "Common Questions" link at the Hunger Site if you want to
learn more about how the process works.
A similar site is, but here you have the option to
direct your donation to a wider variety of worthy causes such as
 - Ending hunger
 - Saving children from diseases
 - Defeating cancer
 - Stopping AIDS
 - Housing the homeless
 - Supporting the arts
 - Promoting education
It's nice to have a painless way to generate support for worthy
causes, but surely we can all do more.  That's why I really like the
in each category at FreeDonation which will help you learn more about
the issues and get personally involved - either financially or as a
Aid For Teens
Aid For Teens generates support for three charities that are helping
pregnant teens, homeless and runaway youth, and rescuing children from
street prostitution.  
Giving Pool
Giving Pool is part of an effort to feed hungry people during the
holidays.  Sponsors will donate $1.12 for every person who visits The
Giving Pool Project at  
Every click feeds one person during the holidays, and includes the
costs of food, preparation, and overhead expenses. Up to 50,000 meals
will be provided for residents of San Francisco and Washington, DC
through participating charities Project 180 and DC Central Kitchen.
Keep on Clickin'!
Each of these sites allows you to make a donation daily, some more
often than that.  Here are some ideas to make it easy to remember to
 - Make the donation site your browser's start page
 - Drag the address to your browser's button bar
 - Add them to your Bookmarks or Favorites
 - Put it in the Links section of your My AltaVista/Yahoo/Etc page
That's all for now.  Do good and I'll see you next time!   --Bob
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