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             TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 35 -- 17 Nov 2000
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Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from the beautiful city of
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, gateway to the Adriatic!  TOURBUS is made
possible by the kind support of our sponsors.  Please visit them and
say thanks!
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On with the show ...
Encouraged by the "don't be a fool, stay in school" commercials, I can
honestly say that college was the best 13 years of my life.  And as an
expert in registration and drop/add, I'm here to tell you that if you
or someone you know is thinking about attending college next Fall, NOW
That's where today's TOURBUS stop comes in.  The Embark home page at 
is a free, one-stop, higher educational portal that helps you find a
US community college, technical program, four-year college or
university, or graduate school that is right for you.
The Embark home page has four main sections: undergraduate schools;
business schools (MBA or executive education programs); international
students; and graduate schools.  Click on the appropriate section and
you are taken to a page that shows you the five steps you need to
follow to become a professional college student like me:
     1. Research
     2. Prepare
     3. Apply
     4. Finance
     5. Get Ready
This is where Embark shines.  The wealth of information that Embark
offers in each of these steps is stunning.  For example, in step one
(Research), Embark has a tool called "Matchmaker."   By asking you a
series of questions about where you are interested in attending
college, what type of program of study interests you, and so on,
Matchmaker helps you find a college or group of colleges that is
specifically suited to you and your interests.
Cool, huh?  And the Matchmaker is just ONE of the tools available in
the Research section!
Once you have found school or group of schools that interests you, the
next step is to prepare for and take the college entrance
examinations.  Embark's "Prepare" section gives you free practice
tests for the SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE.  The site also explains how
each test works and tells you where you can turn for test prep
tutorials and classes.
Once you have taken the entrance exams, the next step is to fill out
an admissions application (step three: Apply).  Through Embark you
can apply to a BUNCH of colleges online and Embark's Apply section
gives you advice and information on how to improve your chance of
admission, how to write an admissions essay, and how to survive a
college interview.
Since a lot of parents ride our little bus of Internet happiness, I
have a feeling that the next section will probably be the most
popular: Step four: Finance.  In the Finance section you can get
advice and information on how to pay for college, use tools to help
you find and apply for college loans, search and apply for
scholarships, and even find out how to manage what little money you'll
have left after the bursar's office gets done with you.
The final section, "Get Ready," gives you advice and information to
help you gear up for college, including how to save money when you buy
your textbooks, how to choose a computer, and so on.
Embark is *NOT* perfect.  For example, Embark's Matchmaker doesn't
include every school in the US, so its results may exclude some
schools that might be a better match for you.  Because of this, I
can't recommend that you use Embark as the sole tool you use in
determining which college to attend.  However, Embark is an AMAZING
site, it has a wealth of information, and it is a wonderful place to
START researching and preparing for your new college career.
Oh, and yes, it did indeed take me 13 years to get my bachelors
degree.  But, if it is any consolation, I will receive my masters
degree in 13 months.  Now if only I could find a 13-week PhD program,
the symmetry will be complete.  :)
Related and Like Searches
Let's say that you find a Web site that you really like and you want
to see if there are any other Web sites out there that are similar.
What do you do?  Well, you could always click on Internet Explorer's
"Related" button, but that button is buried DEEP inside of the program
(go to View --> Toolbars --> Customize, click on the "Related" thingy
on the left-hand side of new window, click on the Add button, and
then click on the Close button).  An easier way is to go to Google at 
and then search for
replacing "websiteaddress" with the address of the Web site you like.
For example, if you like Embark and want to see if there are any other
Web sites out there that are like it, go to Google and search for
I'm not sure, but I think "related:" searches only work at Google.
Altavista has a similar tool, though, called "like:"
Special thanks go to Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Watch
( ) for finding this.  :)
Some More Cancer Resources
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of my being diagnosed with and
eventually beating cancer, I am ending each of my TOURBUS posts
between October 16 (the anniversary of my diagnosis) and December 24
(the anniversary of my last dose of chemotherapy) with pointers to
some of the Net's best cancer sites.
A bunch of the sites we have mentioned so far have been in the US.
Chris recommends one on the other side of the pond:
     You might be interested in the following site - although it's in
     the UK the centre has a global reputation.
I love how the Brits spell "center."  :)
Fellow rider Al writes:
     Check out, the Cancer
     Survivors Network. It's billed as an online support center for
     cancer survivors, their families, etc. It's pretty new but seems
     to me to have a lot of potential
An anonymous rider from AOL offers a couple of suggestions:
     The Department of Defense has a super breast cancer diagnosis
     site at
     Clinical trial sites include
     In conjunction with an excellent tv program, Home Box Office
     created their site:
     AOL's breast cancer board is a wonderful group of very
     supportive, very knowledgeable, very courageous individuals --
     unfortunately it can only be accessed by AOL members
I think that support area can be found at AOL keyword: breast cancer,
but I'm not sure.
Angela offers the following:
     You could add to your cancer list.
     It's another click-to-donate page.
     Some others for you to consider:
     American Cancer Society
     Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Another anonymous rider recommends a site that I had heard of but I
did not know its address:
     I'm assuming you've already listed this one in a list I missed,
     but if not, a FABULOUS resource for cancer survivors is the Lance
     Armstrong Foundation:
Rosemarie offers a similar site:
     My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer six months ago.
     Luckily, thanks to a quick thinking doctor and urologist, he was
     having surgery less than a week after finding the tumor.  Five
     weeks of radiation later, the doctors feel confident that he's
     cured.  We still have a ways to go in feeling that we've "beat"
     it, but one place that gave us TONS and TONS of helpful advice
     and support after diagnosis and during treatment was the
     Testicular Cancer Resource Center
     Their TC Primer was a huge help in understanding the disease and
     calming me down when I thought I would totally flip out.  I would
     really recommend them for one of your Thursday-ish posts.
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll
talk again next week.  :)
MAIMPHIS (noun).  A city in Tennessee.
Usage: "Elvis used to live in Maimphis.""
[Special thanks go to Gary Sparks for today's word]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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