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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 40 -- 05 Dec 2000
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          TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC:  Rider's Revenge #16
Hi All!  I got a HUGE response to my last article "ICANN of Worms",
about the new domain names.  Interestingly, you ALL agreed with my
assessment that this decision will only cause more confusion for
surfers and pad the pockets of the registrars.  Thanks to all those
who wrote, and my apologies for not being able to respond personally
to each letter.  Speaking of letters... here's another Rider's Revenge
issue, where I share sites that Tourbus riders think are cool.  If you
have a favorite site that's of general interest to an international
audience, send it along for the next Rider's Revenge!
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A SPECIAL NOTE TO @HOME SUBSCRIBERS: For some odd reason, many
@HOME-ers reported getting an empty message last week when Patrick
sent his MACARONI CLEAN OUT THE ICEBOX issue.  We hope that @HOME has
fixed the problem with their email system, and we suggest that you
check the TOURBUS ARCHIVES at the address below to read that article
or browse through 5+ years of back issues. 
Kinney Baughman, from Boone, North Carolina writes:
I thought your readers might be interested in this nifty site for
monitoring pages that change frequently.  As an example of the way I
use it, I'm on old time radio fan and there are a couple dozen sites
that post several shows a week.  I tell Mind-it about the sites and
they check once a day, week or month and email me if there any
Steve Franklin, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia writes:
I have recently completed a new search & research tool that I think
would be of interest to your readers. Lookoff is a non-profit Internet
resource (with zero ads or other distractions) that serves as a
reference for Internet and searching issues.  Its goal is to help
people choose the best engine for various tasks.
Lookoff features a database of top search engines in 100+ categories,
more than 100 search tutorials, and detailed search engine reviews. 
Bill Pearson, from Tacoma, Washington writes:
Hello Dr. Bob!!  Love the newsletter... It's always fresh and I get
some cool stuff from it.  I am a computer Tech from AT&T in a customer
service center working with customers who have the @home cable modem.
Basically I troubleshoot all day. One site that we use is super and
all the Techs love it.  It is totally interactive. You can make
mistakes on the site before you make them on your PC. 
Jane Rodrigues, from Newton, Massachusetts writes:
My husband and I have been reading the Tourbus FOR YEARS!  It is a
must read for us in these times of hitting the delete button quickly
for most newsletters.  Have not missed an issue in a long, long time.
Anyway, we have recently launched a free website that may be of
interest to your readers: 
As the URL implies, the site is staffed by a group of successful sales
professionals (minimum 15 years' professional selling experience) who
are offering free personalized sales advice and guidance.  There is no
catch to the service, no sales pitches, offers to consult, etc.
Whether you are currently a sales professional having difficulty with
a particular prospect, a small business owner trying to ramp up sales,
or someone just having a yard sale next weekend, we want to help you
sell more successfully.
Michael Colombo, from Odenton, Maryland writes:
Dear Bob, as a co-founder of TruthInStuff, I am requesting that you
consider the site for your newsletter.  Truth In Stuff is the
irritable mental gestures of bored idealists with thoughts on movies,
music, books, and more.  It is an intellectual approach to pop culture
that doesn't take itself too seriously as it aims to appeal to 20-30
somethings who consider themselves to be something between slackers
and scholars. 
Wayne Hall, from Somewhere in California writes:
I've been a Tourbus rider since... gosh... at least 4 or 5 years ago I
think - keep up the good work!  I've recently started using GuruNet, a
windows application that sits on your desktop.  You can use it like an
online dictionary but it also integrates to geography, encyclopedia,
weather, sports, corporate lookups, or just about anything you could
The REAL nice thing about it is that you can alt-click on any word in
a browser or windows application, and it will look up the word for
you. Non-windows users don't need the client installed in order to
find things. You can go to the GuruNet site and use the AnswerBar
That's all for now, I'll see you next time!   --Bob
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