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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 42 -- 12 Dec 2000
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            TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Online Investing
If you're an investor, there lots of great resources on the Net that
will help you keep track of your portfolio, keep up with the latest
market news, do company research, and even do your trading online.
Today's TOURBUS will point you in the right direction if you're
looking for a little help finding the best stock market and financial
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But first, I want you to visit our sponsors for today's tour, and
thank them for helping to keep the World's Largest Bus rolling...
Yahoo Finance is one of my favorite sites in the "highly useful"
section of my bookmarks.  At Yahoo Finance, you get a lot more than
stock quotes and closing prices, like other websites offer.  If you
take a few minutes to enter your portfolio data, you can track the
value of your investment in each stock or mutual fund, your total
portfolio value, and links to other really cool stuff.
- Pick CHART to get 3 month, 1 year, 2 year, or 5 year price graphs.
- Pick NEWS to view recent related news stories, and find out why that
  stock went up or down.
- Pick MSGS to access a chat board where you can yack it up with other
  investors about the company.
- Pick PROFILE to access Market Guide's company profile for a stock.
  This includes business and financial summaries of the company,
  snail mail and e-mail addresses, company officers (with salaries!)
  and a boatload of facts & figures.
- Pick RESEARCH to view Zack's stock market research and find out
  what savvy brokers are recommending in terms of Buy, Hold or Sell
  decisions for a company's stock.  You can also get earnings history
  and estimates.
- Pick INSIDER to see what stock trades are being made by company
  insiders.  Is the CEO selling?  Are board members buying?  Find out! 
You can create multiple portfolios too.  If you have a handful of
individual stocks, you might put them in one portfolio and an IRA or
brokerage account in separate portfolios.
I recently discovered another very nice side effect of setting up a
Yahoo portfolio.  If you also create a "My Yahoo" personal start page,
it will include a snapshot view of your portfolio(s), with links to
view the full portfolio detail or additional information on any of the
holdings -- very handy!
InfoBeat Finance sends you a daily e-mail message containing closing
prices and news for your personalized portfolio of market indices,
mutual funds and securities from the three major U.S. exchanges.
This makes it easy to keep up with the latest market news before it
appears in the newspapers.  You can also signup for news alerts during
the day if hot news comes across the wire for one of the companies you
Some of the bulletins you can receive are Morning Call, News Alerts,
Full Closing Bell, TechWire, Bull Talk, Currencies Report, Grains,
Precious Metals, and Oil. 
Vacuum up a goldmine of business intelligence.  Find vital stats for
for more than 10,000 companies with description, contact information,
Web links, the latest stock quotes, and more.  Hoovers offers both the
company capsules (for free) and the expanded company profiles (for a
membership fee). 
Michael Griffis is the site guide for the Stocks topic on the Mining
Company's excellent family of websites.  Mike says his site will help
you analyze investments and investment strategies.  You'll find
Internet investment tools and links to good analysis, charting, and
portfolio management software.  Mike doesn't recommend specific
stocks, but does guide visitors to Internet sites that have the tools
and information needed to make good decisions.
At this site you'll also find links to learn more about investing for
beginners, day trading, and stock scams to avoid. 
Online brokers have been around for just a few years, but already they
have captured 30% of the retail investor market.  You've probably read
stories about "day traders" who seek their fortune buying and selling
stock online - sometimes holding shares for only a few minutes.  You
don't have to go to that extreme to reap the benefits of online
investing.  Online broker sites offer well-informed investors the
opportunity to execute their own buy/sell transactions and save big on
brokerage fees.  If you want to join the fray, here are some online
brokerages that are rated highly:
   Charles Schwab - 
   E*Trade - 
   Fidelity - 
I have not personally used any of these, so don't blame me if you lose
your shirt in the market.  On the other hand, if you make a killing in
online investing, I want you to remember all the good advice I gave
you. You can find more in-depth reviews of these and many other online
brokers at the Gomez Scorecard site, which is a great place to find
ratings and reviews of MANY consumer services.  
That's all for now, I'll see you next time!   --Bob
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