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             TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 43 -- 15 Dec 2000
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Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from the beautiful city of
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the Rio de Janeiro of west central Alabama!
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On with the show ...
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How do you normally search for something on the Internet?  If you are
like me and a LOT of other people, you probably just fire up your Web
browser, hop on over to Yahoo or Google, key in your word or search
terms, and wait for the results to appear on your screen.  Well,
folks, I am about to change the way you search the Internet.
You need to have a relatively recent Web browser to do this --
Netscape or Internet Explorer 4 or later on a PC, Netscape or Internet
Explorer 4.5 or later on a Mac -- but our friends at Google have
created a way to search the Internet that will knock your socks off.
Drag a special link to Google onto your browser's links toolbar (IE)
or personal toolbar (Netscape) and you can search Google simply by
highlighting a word or phrase on any Web page and clicking on the
Say you are at a Web page that talks about Abraham Lincoln and that
Also mentions Lincoln's second inaugural address.  Highlight the words
"Lincoln's second inaugural" on that page, click on the special Google
Search link on your toolbar, and Google will automatically search for
its database of over 1 billion Web pages for every page that matches
your search term "Lincoln's second inaugural."  You don't have to go
to the Google Web site first nor do you have to type in ANY keywords.
Google does it all for you automatically.  Just highlight and click.
Best of all, this special link to Google *ISN'T* software.  There is
NOTHING for you to download or install.  It is just a BOOKMARK!  All
you have to do is drag and drop this bookmark onto your toolbar.  It
couldn't be simpler!
Here's what you need to do.  Point your Web browser to 
and then click on the "Get Your Google Buttons Here" link which is in
the blue-ish box near the bottom of the page.  [Oh, and ignore the
warning that "Buttons not available for Internet Explorer 5.5."  I've
tried this on a couple of PCs running IE 5.5, including my own, and it
works just fine.]
This will take you to a page that is specific for your browser and
      IE users on a PC
      Netscape users on a PC
      IE users on a Mac
      Netscape users on a Mac
The next step is to "prepare your browser."  All this means is that
you need to make sure your links toolbar (IE) or personal toolbar
(Netscape) is showing.  If it isn't, just follow the on-screen
The final step is to drag the Google Search link to your toolbar.
Again, this is pretty simple.  Click and hold your mouse over the
Google Search link, drag it to your toolbar, and release.  That's it.
There is even an animated image on the page that shows you how to do
Google offers three different links you can drag and drop onto your
toolbar.  The first, "Google Search," is the one that lets you search
for any word or phrase that you highlight.  The second, "Google
Scout," is a little like that "related:" command we talked about a few
weeks ago; click on it and Google will show you a list of Web pages
similar to the Web page you are currently viewing.  The last,
"," is just a plain old hyperlink to Google; click on it and
you are taken to Google's Web site.
Let's just stick with the Google Search link for now.  You can come
back and get the rest later.
Oh, by the way, you're done.  That's all you have to do.  To test out
your new Google Search link, go to any Web page in the world,
highlight any word or phrase, click on the Google Search link on your
toolbar ... and try not to jump up and down going "ooooh-ooooh-oooooh"
when you see what happens.  :)
Wait.  There's more.  Go to any other Web page, but this time don't
highlight anything.  Click on the Google Search link on your toolbar.
A Google search box pops-up.  Key in what you are looking for, hit
enter, and Google will show you every page in its database that
matches your search term(s).
Folks, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, because this is one of
the coolest things I have seen in ages.  No software hogging up my RAM
... just a simple link on my toolbar!
Life is good.
That's it for this week.  I have some more cancer sites to share with
you, but I am going to save them until next week.  Your fearless bus
driver needs some sleep.  The excitement of both finals week at
Pepperdine and the coolness of the Google Search link have plum wore
me out.
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AFAR (noun).  A confligration.
Usage: see below.
      In a small Southern town there was a nativity scene that
      indicated great skill and talent in its creation.  One small
      feature bothered me though.
      The three wise men were wearing firemen's helmets.
      Totally unable to come up a with reason or explanation, I left.
      At a "Quick Stop" on the edge of town, I asked the lady behind
      the counter about the helmets.  She exploded into a rage, yelling
      at me, "You darn Yankees never do read the Bible!"
      I assured her that I did, but simply couldn't recall anything
      about firemen in the Bible.  She jerked her Bible from behind the
      counter And ruffled through some pages, and finally jabbed her
      finger at a particular passage.
      Sticking it in my face she said, "See, it says right here, 'The
      three wise men came from afar
[Special thanks to several TOURBUS riders for today's wurd]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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