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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 46 -- 26 Dec 2000
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        TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Bob's Recommended Reading List
There are thousands of email newsletters to choose from.  And the mere
fact that you've decided to put TOURBUS on your reading list makes you
part of an elite that's smarter and better-looking than the average
web surfer.  But today I'm going to share a well-guarded secret that
could make you the life of every party you attend, and cure several
unknown diseases as well.  That secret... is Dr. Bob's Recommended
Reading List.
+---------------------- SCORE SOME POINTS! -----------------------+
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 site - earn Points.  Read email - get more Points! Earn Points
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Consistently good humor is hard to find -- on the net or anywhere
else.  Here's a net source so good it's been written up by Newsweek,
the Washington Post, and the New York Times.  The LA Times said that
its author is "The Jay Leno of Cyberspace"!
THIS is TRUE summarizes recent bizarre-but-TRUE news stories from the
world's "legitimate" press.  Each story is punctuated by Randy's
Cassingham's outrageous and ironic comments.  If you're tired of the
silly urban legends that people pass around, THIS IS TRUE is Dr.
Bob's prescription for a good laugh. To subscribe or learn more,
Here's another newsletter published by my cyberpal Randy Cassingham.
HeroicStories brings you true stories about everyday real people who
step up to the challenge in times of human need.  If you've ever
watched the evening news and come away thinking "Why don't they ever
talk about the GOOD things that happen?" then you will enjoy reading
HeroicStories.  It's on my recommended reading list... always
interesting, inspiring, but not sappy.  
The TOP FIVE LIST is a humorous email publication, in the same vein as
the famous David Letterman Top 10 lists.  Top Five is written by
various "cubicle comics" across the Internet and edited by Chris
White. Contributors send their own original witticisms on a specific
topic, and Chris picks the best of the crop for each "Top Five" list
(which quite often has more than five items).
Top 5 is always funny, but sometimes a bit on the bawdy side.  Top
Five has been on the net since 1994, and they've cranked out over 1000
issues in that time, with their lists popping up in well-known print
magazines like Rolling Stone and hundreds of radio stations worldwide.
To subscribe or learn more, visit: 
Lockergnome is published by Chris Pirillo, the diminutive Wizard Of
All Things Window-ish (who may or may not have been regularly stuffed
into his high school locker for being annoyingly geeky).  This highly
informative newsletter is mailed on weekdays, and is packed with
Windows tips, tricks and cool downloads. It's not an interactive Q&A
thing, but the archives date back to September 1996, and are fully
TidBits, which has been published since before the beginning of time
by noted author Adam Engst (Maven Of All Things Mac-ish) is a
wonderful newsletter for Mac afficionados.  You'll find everything
from current events in the Mac world to product reviews and helpful
tips.  Archives date back to April 1990, which make TidBits one of the
longest running mailing list on the Net. 
Can reading an online newsletter named Finkydoodle make you wealthy
and popular beyond mortal measure?  You'll never know unless you try
it!  This weekly missive (penned by Yahoo Internet Life's Surf Guru
Charles Pappas) is the perfect time-wasting, work-avoiding,
hypo-allergenic diversion. 
That's all for now, I'll see you next time!   --Bob
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