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Subject:      TOURBUS - 09 Jan 01 - Specialized Searching
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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 50 -- 09 Jan 2001
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Take a break from those big all-purpose search engines for a while
and try some online search tools that are designed for specific
tasks.  Find your answer faster with the special-purpose search
sites in today's issue of Tourbus!
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support keeps the Bus rolling!
Web directories (also called portals) can be an excellent alternative
to search engines when you're looking for information on a specific
subject.  That's because they are organized and maintained by real
humans.  Each of these directories lets you drill down through a
subject hierarchy or search by keyword.  I'll assume you already know
about Yahoo, so let's look at two other sites:
LookSmart claims to be the global leader in Web directories, with 31
directories spanning 28 countries and 13 languages.  More of an
emphasis on reviewing sites, as opposed to just listing them. 
Working on the premise that the small paid editorial staffs at
commercial directory sites (such as Yahoo and Looksmart) can't keep
up with the ever-expanding Web, The Open Directory Project aims to
produce a comprehensive directory of the web using an army of
volunteer editors.  
 Finding People
I'm often asked where to look for "people finder" sites that offer
search tools for telephone, email and address listings.  My first
answer is always Infospace.
   Switchboard - 
If you don't find the person you're looking for, try these other
sites since they all use different databases:
   Switchboard - 
   Yahoo People - 
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  optimizes pages to rank in the top 10, submits, reports your
  positions, tracks your traffic, and much more. Don't be fooled by
  the bulk submitters claiming to submit to 1000's of sites. Your
  position is what really matters.  ZD Net 5 Star Rating! Get your
  FREE WebPosition download now:

 Finding Images
Looking for a Tiger?  Whether you're after a photo of the king of
golf or a purring Bengal, you'll find it at one of these sites
dedicated to helping you find multimedia files on the web:   
 Finding Online Books
Project Gutenberg began in 1971 when founder Michael Hart was given a
computer account with $100,000,000 of time in it.  Hart turned his
"fortune" into one of the Net's greatest treasures - an archive of
over 3000 public domain books.  
 Finding Discussion Groups
Looking for a place to talk, or hang with people who know everything
about something?  Try Deja's Usenet Discussion Service -- the largest
Usenet newsgroup archive on the Net.  If you're new to Usenet, you
can learn the basics about reading, posting and participating in this
collection of thousands of online discussion groups. 
If you prefer an email approach, start searching for mailing lists and
newsletters at Liszt, the mailing list directory: 
 Specialized Searches
   Stock Quotes - 
   Downloadable Files - 
   Patents - 
   Encyclopedia Britannica - 
   Merriam Webster's Dictionary - 
   Roget's Thesaurus - 
   Search the Bible -  
   Price Comparison - 
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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