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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 61 -- 22 Feb 2001
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        TODAY'S TOURBUS STOPS: Hatt Baby! / More Movie Review Sites
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from beautiful Tuscaloosa,
Alabama, the sixth largest moon of Jupiter.  Today's post is going to
be a tad bit short (I have to fly to Pittsburgh for a little family
emergency) but I tried to pack it with a BUNCH of links to sites that
are either really fun or really helpful.
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The Next Hampster Dance?
By now, every man, woman, and child on the planet has been subjected
to the abject torture that is the Hampster Dance.  Not only is the
Hampster Dance insanely annoying and completely useless (much like my
brother), the folks who designed the site can't even spell the word
HAMSTER (much like my brother).  Of course, that's probably why I love
the Hampster Dance site (and my brother) so much.  :)
If you haven't seen the Hampster Dance site in a while, point your Web
browser to .
Oh, and if you want to find out where that annoying Hampster Dance
song comes from (or, if you are an English major, "from where the song
comes"), take a look at .
I tell you all of this as a set-up for this next stop that, in my
judgment, could very well become the next Hampster Dance.  My father,
Rev. Bob "Bob" Crispen, recently sent me the following email:
     Subject: Fwd: Fw: hatt-baby
     I have no idea what the context is, so just sit back and let it
     flow over you, like any great work of art:
Enjoy!  :)
More Movie Review Sites
I recently told you about Metacritic [ ], a
movie review Web site that combines the breadth of IMDb's reviews
[ ] with the convenience of EW's "Critical Mass"
chart [ ]. Well, a *BUNCH* of
people on our little bus of Internet happiness wrote in to suggest a
couple of other movie review sites.
Barry Haworth writes that
     A similar site that I've been using for some time is the "Rotten
     Tomatoes" movie review site at
     Rotten Tomatoes uses the same concept as Metacritic -- links to
     reviews of movies with a one line summary quote of the review and
     a rating.  In this case the rating is a tomato; either red (ripe)
     or green (rotten), with a "tomatometer" summary at the top of the
     page.  Also useful are links to trailers and official movie
Cool, huh?  Special thanks also go out to "Leeka," Joe Shamblin, Dick
Dyszel, "Greenie," Brian Williams, Michael O'Connell, Kandy Watson,
Barbara Bergman, and "JONAS" who also recommended Rotten Tomatoes.
Lorna Clamen asks
     Have you checked out
     Excellent movie review page!  Check it out!
MRQE, the Movie Review Query Engine, is a Canadian Web site that
contains links to reviews of over 25,000 different movie titles.  :)
So, if the Hampster Dance and the Hatt-Baby site don't suck up all of
your free time, you now have a bunch of sites that can tell you what
movies to watch to suck up the REST of your time.  :)
That's it for today.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll talk
again soon.
   Hatt Baby! / More Movie Review Sites
In honor of two great Southerners who passed away this week -- Dale
Earnhardt on Sunday at Daytona and my grandmother, Gladys Crispen, on
Wednesday in Pittsburgh -- the Southern Word is taking a much needed
break.  :)
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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