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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 63 -- 2 March 2001
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   AdCritic / Florida Recount
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from the beautiful (albeit
soggy) city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the Whopper.  :)
I know I say this every week, but PLEASE take a moment to visit
today's sponsors to thank them for keeping TOURBUS on the road.
TOURBUS really is made possible by the kind support of our sponsors.
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On with the show ...
I don't watch as much TV as I used to.  For every excellent TV show
like "The West Wing" or "Nova" there are literally squillions of
horrifically bad TV shows like "When Animals Attack Magicians" or "The
CBS Evening News."  In fact, often the most original and entertaining
stuff on TV are the commercials.
Enter  With an archive of 1,879 television commercials
and 2.45 gigabytes of mostly Quicktime-encoded videos, is
the Net's largest repository of TV commercials.  And, thanks to the
wonders of the Internet, you can view all of these commercials for
free on your computer simply by visiting .
You'll need Apple's free QuickTime player to see most of AdCritic's
videos, but that's not a major problem.  QuickTime comes preinstalled
on all Macs, and PC users can download the player for free at .
QuickTime is one of the three media players that every PC owner should
have.  The other two are Real Networks' Real Player and Microsoft's
Windows Media Player, both of which are also free.  If you have all
three on your PC, you should be able to watch almost ANY popular audio
or video file that you encounter.
Anyway, back to AdCritic.  The site lets you can search for
commercials by keyword (just use the search box on the left side of
any of AdCritic's pages) or you can browse through all of the site's
commercials alphabetically at .
By the way, Fox Sports' "Country" ads are both singularly disturbing
and oddly amusing.
AdCritic also offers a weekly list of the site's 10 most popular
commercials at 
as well as an annual top 100 list at .
AdCritic's videos take a little while to download, so patience -- or a
fast internet connection -- is a virtue.  If you aren't all that
virtuous, take a look at AdCritic's "Music in Advertising" section at 
instead.  Have you ever wondered what that music was in the background
of your favorite commercial?  The Music in Advertising section shows
you who performed the music on hundreds of different commercials, what
the names of the songs are, and even where you can purchase those
songs.  This is a REALLY cool feature ... although it doesn't answer a
question that has been bugging me for ages: who performed the music in
the background of Andie MacDowell's Loreal commercials?
Anyway, if you like good commercials or are just looking for a way to
waste a couple of hours using your company's really fast Internet
connection, AdCritic may just be the time sponge that you have been
looking for.  :)
The Florida Recount
This topic is so controversial that our next stop is going to be quick
enough to qualify as a drive-by bussing:
The Miami Herald has a section on their Web site that discusses the
recent presidential election mess in Florida as well as the results of
the recent media recount of the Miami-Dade County ballots: .
I mention this only because there are bunch of non-US riders on our
little bus of Internet happiness who may not have seen this yet.  :)
An Early Warning
Remember that "Top 21" post that I bludgeoned you with last year?  The
one that gave you a brief description of my 21 favorite Internet sites?
Well, I'm rewriting it.  :P
I just thought I'd give you a little heads up.  Be looking for the
first half of my new Top 21 list next week.
That's it for today.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll talk
again soon.
   AdCritic / Florida Recount
GRAIN (noun).   The color between yellow and blue in the visible
HAY-UM (noun).  A cut of meat from a pig.
Usage: "I do not like grain eggs and hay-um ..."
[Special thanks go to Cade Bryant for today's wurds]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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