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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 64 -- 06 March 2001
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In today's TOURBUS... shocking photographic evidence of a global
conspiracy to bring our planet into subservience to an intergalactic
Evil Dictator.  And another cool metasearch tool - read on!
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Is it a video game, a Vast Conspiracy, or good clean fun?  Are there
clues to an impending apocalypse in the phrases "Somebody set up us
the bomb" and "All your base are belong to us"?  You'll have to watch
the "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" video that's been making the
rounds lately and draw your own conclusions.  Visit the site below and
click on the "VIDEO 1" and/or "VIDEO 2" links. 
Most likely, your initial response will be "Okay, it's funny... but I
don't get it."  Not to worry, that puts you in good company.  You're
not likely to get the joke unless you were an avid video game player
in the late 1980's and you were partial to Zero Wing, a space-based
shoot-em-up that featured hilariously bad Japanese-to-English
Just for the fun of it, fans of Zero Wing who gathered at the
TribalWar chat site began doctoring photos to provide "evidence" of
the All Your Base (AYB) conspiracy.  The project became an instant
cult classic when Jeffrey Ray Roberts, a programer from Kansas City
created a Flash animation using the opening screens from Zero Wing,
dubbed-in robotic voices, and a montage of the AYB photos set to a
catchy dance track.
This of course has inspired additional parodies and even a line of AYB
products.  If you simply must have an AYB coffee mug, t-shirt and
mouse pad, they're available via the site mentioned above.  You'll
also find a lot of related hilarity by clicking on LINKS and FORUM
there.  If you have the patience to download a 4 megabyte file, here's
a link to a variant called "All Your BASS Are Belong To Us".  
So you think all this Evil Intergalactic Dictator stuff is just a big
joke?  Maybe that's what they WANT you to believe.  Just look at what
they did to the TOURBUS website...
   ALL YOUR BUS... - 
Back in December of 1999, I reviewed Metor, a metasearch tool which
submits your query to several search engines at the same time and
combines the results.  Unfortunately, Metor had technical problems
right after the publication of that issue, so many of you were unable
to try it out.  Metor has since received acclaim as one of the best
search tools on the Web, so I encourage you to check it out.
In addition to its general search function Metor gives you access to
databases that most search engines don't offer.  You can choose from
one of Metor's 20 categories, ranging from Business and Finance to
Travel. Each category has its own specific engines to retrieve
comprehensive and highly targeted information.
Metor improves the efficiency and precision of Web searches by
downloading, analyzing and summarizing the results before presenting
them to you. After all documents have been retrieved, Metor creates a
summary for each page by extracting the context of the query terms
within the document. The context allows the user to more readily
determine the relevance of results without viewing the full text.
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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