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             TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 71 -- 8 April 2001
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   The Hacker Diaries / College Times / MIT's Announcement
Howdy, y'all... Patrick here. Greetings once again from the beautiful
city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the largest nonstellar object in the
solar system.  :)
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On with the show ...
The Hacker Diaries
One of the best ways to protect yourself from falling prey to online
fraud is to keep up to date with the latest Internet scams.
Fortunately, there are many great consumer protection Web sites out
there.  Two of *my* favorites are Internet Fraud Watch (part of the
National Fraud Information Center) at 
and the US Consumer Gateway at .
Another great resource, one that I would recommend to EVERYONE, is an
article I saw last week at MSNBC: "Watch a hacker work the system" at .
This article is a collection of excerpts from the diaries of two
computer criminals showing you some of the ploys these crooks use to
fleece countless numbers of victims.  The language in the diaries is a
little rough -- lots of 'damns' and 'hells' and other PG-13 language
-- but the stories these criminals tell will send a chill down your
In fact, I'm willing to bet that after reading this article you'll
never look at spam the same way again.
College Times
Back on Christmas Eve in 1998 we visited the New York Times' Learning
Network at .
Created for students and teachers in grades 3 through 12, The Learning
Network is a free news service that provides news summaries, quizzes,
and even daily lesson plans.
The New York Times is famous for writing at a relatively high reading
level.  To make their articles more accessible to younger readers, The
Learning Network offers built-in vocabulary and geography tools.
When these tools are turned on, kids can click on highlighted
vocabulary words in any article and see that word's definition from
the Merriam- Webster Collegiate dictionary.  Kids can also click on
state and country names to see a map and demographic information from
the Merriam-Webster Atlas.
Cool, huh?
My only complaint about The Learning Network is that while it
certainly takes care of most of the K-12 crowd, it isn't much use to
college students or faculty.  As a professional college student,
that's kind of important to me.  :)
What would be great is if we could combine The New York Times and
Yahoo and create a news directory for the college audience.  The
articles could be organized by academic discipline so that college
students and faculty could easily find New York Times articles related
to their specific fields of study.  That would ROCK!
Well, folks, such a directory exists.  It is called "College Times"
and you can find it on the Web for free at 
Like Yahoo, you can either search the College Times site by keyword or
browse the site by category.  Unlike Yahoo, the site's keywords and
categories are college majors and fields of study.  In fact, the site
organizes the news into over 200 different academic disciplines.
College Times also offers a free email alert system that tells you
when new articles related to your field of study are posted to
College Times is only a week old, but it has already become one of my
favorite news sites on the Web.  Now if we can only convince the folks
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to put all of its
course material on the Web for free, my life will be complete.
Oh, wait.  They are.
MIT's 10 Year Plan
In case you haven't heard, "MIT President Charles M. Vest has
announced that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will make the
materials for nearly all its courses freely available on the Internet
over the next ten years."  For more information, take a look at .
I think MIT just welcomed us all to 21st century.  :)
On the Road Again ...
Before I wrap up this week's post, I thought you'd like to know that
your fearless bus driver will be speaking at two conferences over the
next couple of days:
     Alaska Society for Technology in Education Conference
     Sunday, April 8 and Monday, April 9, 2001
     Anchorage, AK
     Web site:
     Georgia Educational Technology Conference
     Tuesday, April 10th through Thursday, April 12th
     Savannah, GA
     Web site:
If you have a chance to attend either conference, please stop by and
say hello.  I'd love to see you!
And, yes, I really *AM* speaking in Anchorage on Monday and in
Savannah on Tuesday.  [In fact, I am getting on a plane in Anchorage
around 6 PM on Monday, getting off the plane in Savannah at 11:30 AM
the next morning, and speaking at 1:00 PM.] Needless to say, I hope
and pray that the weather is good and that none of my flights are
cancelled.  :P
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll
talk again next week.
   The Hacker Diaries / College Times / MIT's Announcement
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