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           TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Setting Up Shop (Part 3)
Welcome back to another week on the World's Biggest Bus!  Today I'll
present the third and final segment in my "Setting Up Shop" series on
e-commerce.  In the first segment I covered the basics of setting up
an online store.  Then we learned where to go for expert advice on
advertising and website promotion.  If you missed either of those, you
can find back issues in the TOURBUS Archives.
In this article, I'm going to tell you about ROIbot, a set of online
marketing tools that I've personally used to boost sales and profits
at my own e-commerce sites.  Some of the ROIbot tools are free, and
some are not.  I encourage you to read this entire article, then arm
yourself with these tools and this information.  Once you do, you'll
have taken a giant step toward online success.
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  People must be able to FIND your site in the top 10 to 30 matches.
  Check out the award-winning product WebPosition GOLD which
  optimizes pages to rank in the top 10, submits, reports your
  positions, tracks your traffic, and much more. Don't be fooled by
  the bulk submitters claiming to submit to 1000's of sites. Your
  position is what really matters.  ZD Net 5 Star Rating!
CLICK HERE for FREE WebPosition Download 
 The ROIbot Library
Here's a great site with lots of free Internet marketing tools,
including expert advice, a 5-day marketing course, and e-commerce
software.  To access the ROIbot Library, first click here:
   ROIbot Library - 
Then look for three important links in the upper left portion of the
page.  Click on "FREE MARKETING ADVICE" to read these great articles
and others.  I guarantee you'll learn a lot about marketing (both
online and offline) in a short amount of time.
 - "Marketing Hero or Marketing Zero?  Take This Quiz to Find Out!"
 - "Internet Marketing Expert Can't Give Away $100 Bills!"
 - "So You've Got a Website - But Are You Sexy?"
 - "Killer Copy: Words That are Like Magnets to Money"
 - "5 Tactics all Successful Internet Businesses Employ"
 - "The 3 Habits of Highly Successful Websites - and How to Automate
   Them Today"
 - "Nothing is Secret Anymore! - Confessions of a Millionaire
   Information Broker"
Next, click on "FREE MARKETING COURSE" to get your FREE 5-day
marketing course sent to you over the next five days via email.  And
finally, click on "FREE MARKETING SOFTWARE" to download Ezine
Assistant, Award Submitter, or Search Engine Creator.
   ROIbot Library - 
What would it mean for your business if you were able to put your
marketing efforts on auto-pilot?  How much more money could you make
if you had a suite of marketing power tools working day and night for
you?  ROIbot Power Tools is a growing collection of tools that will
help you to increase your ROI (Return on Investment).  Whether you
sell your own products, or act as an affiliate for another company,
ROIbot is guaranteed to increase your ROI.  I've used many of the
ROIbot tools to increase the effectiveness (and the bottom line) of my
own e-commerce sites.  Try it now for just $1. 
PROMOTE-IVATOR gives you a daily dose of marketing advice and tasks
from industry greats like Jay Conrad Levinson, Joe Vitale, and Mark
Joyner.  You also get access to the Promote-Ivator firing line where
you can rub elbows with industry leaders and get answers to your
questions.  Turn your business around in just 10 minutes a day... at
only $6 - it's a tiny investment you can't afford to pass up. 
HYPNOTIC WRITING is a course by Joe Vitale (recognized by many as the
best copywriter in the U.S.), shows you how to use "hypnotic" tricks
in your writing to get people to more easily agree with you.  A must
for anyone who wants to write persuasively.  
1,001 KILLER INTERNET MARKETING TACTICS is the flag-ship marketing
course written by ROIbot CEO, Mark Joyner.  It's still the only
interactive internet marketing course around, and is widely regarded
as the most effective Internet marketing course on the market.  
Even in this era of high-profile business failures, there are
many entrepreneurs and small companies that ARE making money. The
press likes to make a big deal of it, but the failure rate of online
companies is actually LOWER than for new businesses operating in the
"brick and mortar" world.
Most of these failed companies simply had a bad business plan or
lacked the common sense to realize that you can't lose money on every
sale and hope to make up the difference in volume.  You don't need
millions in venture capital, or a CEO with an MBA to find a measure of
success in e-commerce.  But you DO have to educate yourself.  I hope
this series will help you sell your product or service online. Drop me
a line when you make your first million.  :-)
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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