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               TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 81 -- 18 May 2001
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   Science News / Lee & Wolfe
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from the beautiful city of
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the town named after Iron Chef French Hiroyuki
Sakai.  :)
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On with the show ...
Science News
If you wanted to find the latest US or world news, you'd probably head
to,, or any of the thousands of general
news sites out there.  If you wanted to find the latest technology
news, you'd probably head to,, or any of
the thousands of tech news sites out there.  But where would you go for
the latest *SCIENCE* news?
The reason why I ask this is that fellow TOURBUS rider David Mawdsley
suggested that I take a look at Scientific American's News Briefs page
at .
Every weekday, the folks at Scientific American post three stories on
something newsworthy in the scientific community.  For example, here
are the three stories they posted this past Monday:
     - Early Musical Training May Enlarge Parts of the Brain
     - Tectonic Plates Moved Earlier Than Previously Thought
     - Tobacco Hornworm Experiences Love at First Bite
 From what I can tell, the stories come from Scientific American's own
in-house reporters and almost every story contains links to sites where
you can find more information.  This is a pretty cool resource,
especially if the science section of your local newspaper is a little
As good as Scientific American's News Briefs are, though, I still
*love* the New York Times' science section at .
Not only does this section have a BUNCH of science news stories,
updated daily, but it also offers (over on the left side of the page)
links to news stories from the world of
     - Earth Science
     - Genetics
     - Life Science
     - Physical Science
     - Social Science
     - Space
     - Health
To read the articles on any of the New York Times' web sites you'll
need a subscriber ID.  Don't panic.  The ID is free.  Just click on an
article that interests you and you will automatically be taken to a
sign-in page.  Scroll down this page and then fill in the appropriate
forms (subscriber ID, password, email address, and so on).  That's it.
By the way, if you think the New York Times' science section is cool,
check out their technology section at 
and don't forget to look on the left side of the page for links to even
more news stories.  :)
Live, Friday Night, from the Burt Bank Broadcasting Facility ...
If you listen to the Steve and Johnnie show on WGN Radio in Chicago
every Wednesday night you know that not only is Lee Overstreet a guru
with digital audio he's also my friend and neighbor.  In fact, Lee and
I recently drilled a hole between our two apartments (don't tell the
landlord!) so that we could hook up our own cross-apartment network.
All of the computers on our network are named after members of the
Jackson family (today's TOURBUS post was written on both Tito and
Bubbles).  :)
Anyway, Lee is half of one of the most hysterical and popular college
radio shows in America, and I decided it would be downright neighborly
of me to give him the opportunity to tell you a little bit about his
show and Web site ...
     Howdy from right next door to Patrick in hot and sticky Aler-
     bammer!  I'm Lee Overstreet, and if you've been with Tourbus for
     a while you already know that I am one-half of Lee and Wolfe,
     twice voted the #1 College Radio Show in America by the National
     Association of College Broadcasters.  Our weekly Lee and Wolfe
     radio show features new rock music, comedy, news, interviews, and
     weekly live band performances.  The show originates from WVUA,
     New Rock 90.7, at the University of Alabama, and is carried on a
     handful of stations around the country as a free, syndicated
     program.  In fact, the entire weekly show is available as a FREE
     mp3 download on our Web site at
     All that humbleness aside, I'll now explain why I'm bringing this
     up in Tourbus.
     Our dream is to make the show more than just Lee and Wolfe,
     although we are proud of what we generate each week, and have a
     positive response from those stations carrying the show today.
     We have, on occasion, incorporated audio (comedy, music, etc.)
     from the other college stations that carry our show.  We would
     like to evolve the show into a regular showcase for college radio
     talent everywhere, presenting each week a selection of the most
     interesting audio from all other stations participating in the
     show.  Therefore, we need more students sending us audio, which
     means more stations carrying the show, which means we need to get
     the word out.  There are many fantastic things happening in
     college radio all the time, and we'd like to be the ones to share
     that with the world in general.  College radio can take chances
     with things that commercial radio could never do in comedy,
     dramatic presentations, issues, live music ... you name it.
     So if you or ANYONE you know is involved in college radio, send
     them to and tell them to click on
     "syndication" as well as to have a look around in general.  Under
     the "interact" section of the site are a myriad of ways to
     contact us.  Other details of how this works can be found there
     or by communicating directly with us.
     By the way, our recent anniversary show might make a good first
     show for a new station to carry (or a good first show for you to
     download and listen to if you are interested in hearing, in all
     humbleness, some of the best that college radio has to offer).
     The anniversary show is still on our Web site, as well as our
     most recent show -- the Spring 2001 Countdown Show -- with the top
     songs from the past semester.
     Remember, this is ABSOLUTELY FREE thanks to the advent of mp3s,
     fast computers, and high-bandwidth Internet.  AND... it's a whole
     lot of fun!  We'd love to have the participation of stations of
     all types, anywhere, and we'd very much like to communicate with
     those interested in college radio to exchange ideas, stories, and
     general what-not.
That's it for this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll talk
again soon.  :)
   Science News / Lee & Wolfe
MEMBER (verb)  To recall.
Usage: "Bubba, make sho you member to fetch me some mo Moon Pies."
[Special thanks to Bob Shier for today's wurd]
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