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              TOURBUS Volume 6, Number 89 -- 19 June 2001
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          TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Online Safety for Kids
Today I read a Reuters news story with a sobering statistic: 1 in 5
U.S. teenagers who regularly log on to the Internet say they have
received an unwanted sexual solicitation.  That's disturbing, but it's
not cause for despair.  Today's TOURBUS will offer helpful tips on how
to protect your kids in cyberspace, and some great sites where kids
can find safe and fun online activities.
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Larry Magid is a syndicated columnist and technology consultant for
CBS News. His SafeKids website is the first place concerned parents
should go to learn about the issues and equip themselves to protect
the safety and privacy of their kids online.  I especially recommend
"Child Safety on the Information Highway" and "Kids' Rules for Online
Safety" at this site.
The Directory of Parental Control Software and Filtered Internet
service providers is a helpful resource, and you may also want to read
Magid's article "Is it Spying or Parenting?" which discusses the pros
and cons of software to monitor your child's use of the computer 
A lot of people ask me about Internet filtering software, but I'm not
sold on the idea.  There are so many ways for clever kids to get
around the filters.  Maybe they're a good idea for younger children,
but for older teens you might consider monitoring instead of
filtering.  If you tell your kids that you will be checking up on
their online whereabouts, and they know that's a condition of getting
online, then (1) you don't have to worry about them defeating the
filters and (2) the choice to act responsibly becomes theirs.
Childnet International launched the ChatDanger site at the urging of a
family whose 13 year old child had been contacted and sexually abused
by an adult who met her through a chat room.  The site seeks to
educate parents about the dangers of online chat and also gives
helpful tips on how kids can keep safe in chat rooms. 
>From the Yahoo people, Yahooligans is a web guide just for kids, and
has the same basic look & feel.  Categories include Around the World,
School Bell, Art & Entertainment , Science & Nature, Computers &
Games, Sports and News.  The Parents & Teachers links offer tips for
online safety a guide to teaching with Yahooligans, and other useful
information for grown-ups. 
This is an excellent site maintained as a labor of love by Internet
luminary Brendan Kehoe.  Kids on the Web has links for Fun Stuff, Pen
Pals, Homework Tools, Children's Books & Stories, and Things for
Teens.  You could spend days exploring all these links, and Brendan
adds about 100 new ones every month. 
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That's all for now, I'll see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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