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            TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Free Website Add-ons
Do you have your own web page or site?  If so, you'll love today's
issue.  It's brimming with FREE services you can plug into your pages
to add new features and interactivity - no progamming skills needed!
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Please be sure to visit today's sponsors, thanks!  And now... on with
the show.  Grab a handful of these free website addons and wow the
 Free Guestbooks
You have the best web page in the world, and people are just aching to
tell you how great it is.  Fulfill their desires by adding a free
guestbook to your page.  It's completely automated and remotely hosted
so you don't need to install any programs or worry about disk space. 
 Free Fill-in Forms
Here's a great way to get feedback on your site.  Use this service to
add forms to your page, and the responses will be emailed back to you
when your visitor clicks the "Send" button.  Very customizable, and
useful for both business and personal use.  
 Free Polls
Want to know what your website visitors are thinking?  Take a poll!
Just pick the question you want to ask, and you can have up to eight
answers for voters to choose from.  You can even choose your own color
schemes, graphics, backgrounds, colors and fonts.  (This is the
service I used to create the "Patrick's Face Poll" on the Tourbus
 Free Web-based Email
Give Hotmail and the others a bit of competition - start your OWN free
web-based email service.  At ZapZone Network or Everyone.Net you can
pick up the tools necessary to implement your own branded web-based
email on your site.  No need to have your own web or mail servers. 
 Free Greeting Cards
Offer free greeting cards on your site, and give people a reason to
come back again.  I like this service provided by 123Greetings, which
has cards for a variety of topics, such Birthday, Holidays, Everyday,
Friendship, Kids, Love, Pets, Religion, Weddings and a dozen more. 
 Free Counters
Are you curious about how many people are visiting your web pages?
Slap a counter on and find out.  TheCounter and SiteMeter are free,
fast, and easy ways to add a web counter to your web page.  
 Free Search Engine
If you have lots of great content on your site, you should have your
own search engine to help people find it.  Let your visitors enter a
keyword and search for specific pages on just your site, not the whole
Internet.  The Bravenet Search Engine will scan your web site and
present the hits on a customized page that matches the look of your
 More Free Tips & Tricks
If you're feeling limited by your lack of HTML (the language in which
web pages are written) then maybe Lissa can help.  Lissa Explains it
All is an excellent site for learning HTML, written especially for
kids, but equally helpful for any HTML novice.  Lots of examples make
it easy to understand all basic and advanced HTML tags, including
tables, frames, forms, style sheets and custom cursors.  
Wanna build your own nifty interactive website gadgets?  Visit Matt's
Script Archive and you'll find working CGI scripts that you can
install on your server.  Some programming skills are required here, as
well as permission from your ISP or webhosting service to install and
run your own CGI programs.  
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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