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              TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 08 -- 20 Aug 2001
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   Riderís Revenge -- More Charity Sites
Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from hot and muggy Tuscaloosa,
Alabama, the birthplace of humidity.  :P
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On with the show ...
In my last post I mentioned that The Hunger Site had gone the way of
break dance movies and Members Only jackets (remember those?) and
suggested some other online charity sites you could visit instead.
That post seems to have struck a chord.  In fact, that post generated
such a response that I decided to spend one more post talking about
some great online charities recommended by your fellow riders.
As for my promised post about, weíll just place that post in
my "Giant Rat of Sumatra" file until Thursday.  [And for those who
don't understand the reference, Sherlock Holmes said of "Giant Rat of
Sumatra" that it is "a story for which the world is not yet prepared."
I have found that the "Giant Rat" excuse is WONDERFUL to use when you
havenít finished a particular assignment or project.]
Rider's Revenge -- Charity Sites
Fellow TOURBUS rider Karen writes:
     I just read your latest newsletter and thought your readers might
     be interested in this site if they are looking for a way to make
     donations without actually spending money.  It helps the
     rainsforests, the pandas, breast cancer and, my favourite, the
     big cats.  You might want to check it out and pass it on - I've
     been there almost daily clicking to help for well over a year.
JR suggests a site within
     Here is a site that I have used as part of my "Free Philanthropy
     Log on Protocol."  The site is
     and has links to the Rainforest Race, Panda Race and the Breast
     Cancer Race.  It works as easily as the Hunger Site.
Elliot recommends another rainforest site:
     Here's a site I go to everyday...
     "Click on the button above to save rainforest. There is NO cost
     to you.  Sponsors pay to preserve the rainforest."
     Once a day you can go there and click. Every sponsor on the page,
     Will result in saving 5 square feet of our rainforest.
Patricia offers two sites:
     These are my favorite donation sites.  They include freedonation
     and others by category. including One Minute Donation
Barbara sent me an online greeting card telling me about
     a web site where you can go and click a button to help plant
     trees in US National Forests.  It's completely free and it only
     takes a moment to help plant a tree
In my last post we also talked about two sites that provide
information about charities around the world.  Max suggests a third
site you should visit:
     I check out charities once in a while for my job, and I like to
     use GuideStar
     to get the dirt on charities.  They have detailed financial
     reports, and basically a lot more information than the BBB on
     those that are questionable.  (GuideStar obtains copies of 1099
     filings with the IRS.)
Craig, an employee at General Motors, offers the following:
     You mentioned in this week's Tourbus that "charity begins at
     home, and justice begins next door."  In that vein, you may be
     interested in the Webhands site:
     This site was created by my employer, General Motors, and is an
     online directory of charitable organizations in communities all
     across the USA.  It can be used to quickly search for charities
     that provide food, clothing, shelter, literacy classes, and
     services to reduce the "digital divide."  It helps answer the
     question "How can I help in my own community?"
     The Webhands site also includes a link to GM Global Aid, another
     site which allows one to make secure online donations to several
     US and international disaster relief organizations (e.g.,
     American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, unicef, and the United
And, finally, Howie writes:
I don't know if you have run across Charity Focus
     but it is a resource for organizations that have limited
     resources to get help in setting up a web site.  They are
     handling quite a few projects and can always use some more
     capable volunteers.
If this doesn't help you find a replacement for The Hunger Site,
nothing will!  :)
That's it for today!  I want to thank everyone who wrote in suggesting
sites that we should visit.  Y'all are GREAT!
In a recent post I wrote that
     "... images that are displayed on your computer screen ... only
     use three primary pigments: red, green, and blue (RGB).  So, off
     the bat, screen images aren't quite as vibrant as print images."
That statement was horrifically inaccurate.  As fellow TOURBUS rider
Douglas points out:
     There are three primary colors used in pigments--cyan, magenta,
     and yellow--which are called subtractive colors because when
     mixed together make black.  And there are three primary colors
     used in projected light or on computer screens--red, green, and
     blue--which are called additive colors because when mixed
     together make white.  The reason printers use black ink in
     addition to cyan, magenta, and yellow is because the pigments or
     inks are never pure and when mixed produce an ugly brown.  The
     relative vibrancy of the two types of color depend on the quality
     of the sources and the quality of the display (the computer or
     movie screen in one instance or the light reflected from a canvas
     or photograph in the other).  There are many more colors
     available to computers than to prints as you will see if you have
     the out-of-gamut warning displayed in Photoshop while working on
     images.  The reason web pictures don't look good when printed is
     because of low resolution and possibly low bit-depth in each
     channel which would limit the number of possible colors.  Image
     galleries on the web will frequently offer screen-resolution
     images for free but charge for high-resolution versions of the
     same image because they know the low-resolution ones are not
     useful for any commercial purpose.
I apologize for the error and am happy to set this matter straight.
That's it for today.  We'll talk again soon.  Until then, happy
clicking ... and stay away from large, Sumatran rats.  :P
   Riderís Revenge -- More Charity Sites
LAY-UFT (noun, verb, or adjective).  Not right.  :P
Usage: "Ellie may done lay-uft me after the trailer started leanin to
the lay-uft!"
[Special thanks to Cindy Vela for today's wurd]
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