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Subject:      TOURBUS - 21 AUG 01 - PC Hell / Cheap RAM
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              TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 03 -- 31 July 2001
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          TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: PC Hell / Napster / Cheap RAM
Greetings, fellow riders!  Today we're going to drive this Bus to hell
and back -- and I guarantee you'll be glad you made the trip. We'll
also ponder the connection between slumping CD sales and the demise of
Napster, then find a great place to buy cheap memory.
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According to Mark Hasting, gatekeeper at, we all end up
there one time or another.  When your computer is driving you insane
with problems and glitches, you're in PC Hell.  But instead of eternal
doom, the dotcom version of "The Bad Place" is designed to get your
fanny OUT of the flames.  At PC Hell you'll find tips and
troubleshooting remedies to solve those nagging computer problems. The
site is divided into several sections, depending on the type of
problem you're experiencing.  
 HARDWARE HELL - Learn what those dreaded beeps at power on time
 mean, and how you can correct the problem.  Find help for conflicts
 that arise after adding new hardware to your system, or visit Tom's
 Hardware Guide.
 SOFTWARE HELL - Here's a glossary of computer and Internet terms,
 and the Computer Cliff Notes, where you'll learn How to Remove AOL
 Instant Messenger, Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 95/98 and more.
 INTERNET HELL - Information on common viruses, detection & removal.
 Also links to helpful Internet software, such as email, browsers,
 multimedia viewers, and parental control.
 TECH SUPPORT HELL - Links to PC manufacturers, download sites for
 drivers and updates, and places where you can ask an expert your
 question about computer problems.
Also of interest is the "Top Ten Steps to Trouble-Free Computing"
section, which has tips for both Mac and Windows users.
Reuters is running a story today headlined "CD sales drop despite
Napster's silence".  Seems that shipments of music products are down
about 4.5 percent in the first half of 2001.  The recording industry
cites these figures, "despite success in stifling its file-swapping
nemesis".  Hmmm, one has to wonder if sales are not down BECAUSE of
the demise of Napster.  Just a thought...
If you visit Napster today, you'll see a notice that they are working
on restoring file-sharing and finalizing their new membership-based
I can remember when 16 megabytes of RAM memory for a PC cost about a
thousand dollars.  So you can imagine my shock when I recently saw a
256 MB stick of RAM for under THIRTY BUCKS!  If you use a graphics
program such as Photoshop, voice recognition software, or you burn
your own music CD's, extra memory will boost your system performance.
In fact, most PCs will run faster and smoother with more memory.
Currently, Tiger Direct is offering 256 MB of RAM for $29.99.  To get
this special price, click on the link below and search for item number
TC1-32X64AOL.  (Check the manual to make sure your system can use this
type of memory.)  We at TOURBUS have no affiliation with Tiger Direct
-- we're just passing along the information.  
That's all for now.  I'll see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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