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                TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 16 -- 13 Sep 2001
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Howdy, y'all, and greetings once again from beautiful Tuscaloosa,
Alabama, a town that is in tremendous mourning.
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On with the show ...
Donating to the Red Cross
If you are interested in making a cash donation to the American Red
Cross, skip the Red Cross' Web site -- which is being hammered by
visitors from around the world -- and head over to 
instead.  Remember the Amazon Honor System we talked about back on
August 15th?  [If you missed that post, you can find it in our
archives at ].  Well, our friends
at Amazon have created an Honor System donation page for the American
Red Cross.  Click on the "Give now!" button to donate from US$1.00 to
US$100.00.  Every penny donated will go to the American Red Cross
Disaster Relief Fund -- is waiving its usual fees.
As of 1:00 AM Central Time Thursday morning, Amazon has collected
US$1,820,408.30 for the American Red Cross.
Emergency and Relief Information
Instead of flooding you with a mess of URLs to sites where you can
find out more about the emergency and relief efforts under way in New
York City, let me just give you one: 
The folks at Yahoo News have created a page with links to
      - Relief organizations both in an outside of New York City;
      - Emergency contact sites for the airlines, companies, and
        buildings; and
      - 5 different missing person and survivor lists.
I hope this helps.
The Requisite Urban Legends
There is a message floating around the net that claims that French
astrologer Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame) predicted Tuesday's
attack on America, writing that
      In the City of God there will be a great thunder,
      Two brothers torn apart by Chaos,
      While the fortress endures,
      The great leader will succumb,
      The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.
Interesting, but not true.  Nostradamus never said it.  In fact, you
can find the whole story behind this hoax at .
A second story, a pro-American commentary by Gordon Sinclair, has also
been making the rounds over the past couple of days.  This one's
actually true.  Sinclair did indeed make these comments, albeit during
the Nixon administration ... 28 years ago.
You can find the complete text of Gordon Sinclair's stirring, pro-
American editorial at 
Special thanks to Barbara and David Mikkelson at for doing
the legwork on both of these.
And Finally ...
Words cannot describe the horror, sadness, and overwhelming anger that
I am feeling right now.  I'll be honest: I want revenge.
Disproportionate revenge.  And judging from recent polls
[ ], most Americans
feel the same way.
The most difficult task Americans face over the days and weeks that
follow is realizing that the enemy is not the Arab-Americans living
among us but rather the cowardly terrorists living *abroad* -- and the
equally cowardly countries who harbor these terrorists.
Be angry.  But be angry at *right* people.
Nabeel Ibrahim, a good friend of mine at Stanford, sums it up best:
      Like all Americans, I was horrified by Tuesday's attacks.  I have
      been in a daze since I first heard about the attacks and cannot
      imagine the pain that friends and relatives of the victims are
      feeling.  I hope that none of you have been directly affected by
      this tragedy.
      As an Arab-American, I am painfully aware that the next few days,
      weeks or even months will be extremely difficult for Arabs and
      Muslims in the U.S.  When the media falsely fingered mysterious
      Arab culprits after the Oklahoma City bombing and the crash of
      TWA Flight 800, Arabs and Muslims throughout the U.S. became
      victims of a severe backlash. Mosques were burned, homes were
      attacked and people were beaten in over 200 documented incidences
      of hate crimes.  Even at Stanford, I heard comments suggesting
      that all Arabs were terrorists, that we (the U.S.) should just
      kill the "sand n&!gers" and other comments along those lines.
      Because I made a conscious decision to not go into campus today
      (Tuesday), I didn't hear any of the backlash.  However, I've
      already heard many stories of people who have been subjected to
      anti-Arab speech and one friend reports that a Palestinian gas
      station owner was beaten while people just looked on.  I've been
      through enough in Indiana and California that I no longer fear
      being victimized because of my ethnicity; however, I am worried
      that my family and friends will be subjected to either verbal or
      physical attacks.
      No matter who is eventually exposed as the culprit, let me
      reiterate that, despite what the media portrays, the murder of
      innocent civilians is contrary to Arabic culture and Islamic
      teachings.  Dozens of Arab and Islamic organizations in the U.S.
      immediately condemned the attacks.
      Finally, the violence and backlash against Arabs and Muslims in
      this country is inexcusable and dishonors the memory of those who
      died in these terrible tragedies.  Please be cognizant of this
      and join me in fighting any discrimination that you may encounter
      over the next few weeks, months and years.  There are already
      enough victims from these attacks; we need to do everything in
      our power to prevent any others from becoming victims.
My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families of the
victims of this horrible act of war.
    Donate to the Red Cross / Emergency and Relief Information
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