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             TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 21 -- 04 Oct 2001
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              TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: Senior Sites
Welcome to another ride on the Internet Tourbus!  In a reader survey
conducted this summer, I learned something that really surprised me.
Over SEVENTY-FIVE percent of TOURBUS riders are age 45 or over!  With
that in mind, today I'm going to focus on sites that will be of great
interest to our senior riders.  If you're over 50 or know someone who
is, you'll want to save this issue and pass it along.
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Read on, but first visit our sponsors and thank them for keeping the
Bus rolling.  I get email regularly from readers who have done
business with Tourbus sponsors, and they're glad they did!
Billed as "the web for grown-ups", is one of the more
popular web sites serving the interests and needs of adults in their
mid-40s through 50s.  The name refers to the third stage of life which
follows the youth and career/family stages.  It's a place where adults
can find intelligent conversations and useful tools to help in the
areas of health, money, romance, work, and family.
You'll enjoy features like Today's Joke, Games and Discussions, along
with articles such as "Eight Safe Harbors for Your Savings", "Twelve
Ways to Find a New Love" and "Discovery May Stop Brain Shrinkage".
Whether you're interested in information or interaction, you'll find
plenty of relevant links at ThirdAge.
   Third Age - 
SeniorNet's mission is to provide access to computer technology for
older adults which will enhance their lives and enable them to share
their knowledge and wisdom.  In addition to over 200 learning centers
in the US, SeniorNet operates SeniorNet Online on America Online
(keyword: SeniorNet) and on the World Wide Web at
   SeniorNet - 
...where all seniors are welcome to participate in hundreds of
SeniorNet RoundTable discussion groups.  SeniorNet members learn and
teach others to use computers and the Internet to accomplish a variety
of tasks.  If you have a desire to continue learning and a willingness
to contribute your knowledge to others, SeniorNet is for you.
Here's a site maintained by a retired couple from Portland Oregon,
with an excellent annotated list of web links of special interest to
senior citizens.  There's also an article titled "Too Old For
Computers?" which examines how much computer technology has spread
into the senior adult population.
   Web Pointers - 
Twilight Years offers information to the elderly population of the
United Kingdom.  Highlights include tips on healthy living, financial
advice, and a local services directory.
   Twilight Years - 
SeniorLink is dedicated to helping aging parents maintain independence
in their own homes - safely and with dignity.  They offer options to
the children of elders who are confronted with difficult choices in
managing the care of their parents.
   SeniorLink - 
While researching this issue, I came across a truly wonderful site
called "Write a Senior Citizen", which is operated by two teenagers
who want to connect lonely seniors with email or snail mail pen pals.
The brother & sister team from California has received a Congressional
Commendation from the US Congress, and several other awards for their
work.  Check it out here:
   Write a Senior - 
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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