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             TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 22 -- 09 Oct 2001
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              TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: People Finders
I'm often asked where to look for "people finder" sites that offer
search tools for telephone, email and address listings.  In today's
issue, we'll explore a bunch of sites that'll help you find folks in
Fresno, France and far-flung places. (I was going to say Frisco, but
people from San Francisco send me hate mail when I do.  So I won't.)
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In the past few years, Infospace has become my favorite people finder
tool.  In addition to individual and business listings for the USA and
other countries, you can do reverse lookups on Phone Numbers, Street
Addresses, Email Addresses, and Area Code.  
If you're after someone outside the USA, Infospace also has listings
for Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France,
Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and a page with links to other phone
directories around the world.  Click on "International Search" in the
White Pages or Yellow Pages area to get there. Here's are some helpful
tips to speed up your searching at InfoSpace and other people-finder
 - Don't enter a first name, or try using just a first initial.  The
   person may be listed under a nickname or a spouse's name.
 - If a very specific search fails, try leaving one or more of the
   fields blank.  (You can even leave the last name field blank!)
 - Infospace can tell you the names of everyone on your street.
   Just omit the street number on the reverse address screen.
Try an alternate source if you come up empty.  In addition to
InfoSpace, here are some additional people-finder sites that use
different databases.
YAHOO PEOPLE SEARCH - Provides telephone (USA only) and email
search tools.  
SWITCHBOARD - Provides white pages, yellow pages and email search
Hint: Don't bother trying other phone search sites if you don't find
it at InfoSpace, Yahoo or Switchboard.  You'll be wasting your time,
since these sites get the latest info from the databases available
from the three major vendors of US telephone directory information.
BIGFOOT - A particularly good email lookup database.  Unfortunately,
even particularly good email databases tend to give particularly bad
results, because they only contain addresses of people who have posted
to public Usenet discussion groups, and those who have voluntarily
added their own address to the database.  
FAQ: HOW TO FIND EMAIL ADDRESSES - According to David Lamb, author of
this Frequently Asked Questions document, the best way to find
someone's e-mail address, if you already have any way to contact them,
is to ask directly by mail or phone.  Failing that, Mr. Lamb gives
some helpful tips for searching online.  
TELDIR - A site based in Brussels with over 400 links to yellow pages,
white pages, business directories, email and fax listings from over
170 countries all around the world.  
CLASSMATES.COM - An alumni search service that helps you find US high
school alumni and friends from around the world.  In the UK, try
Friends Reunited.    
USSEARCH.COM - Offers some fee-based services that can help you locate
missing persons, do background checks, social security number checks,
by accessing the same US public record databases used by the FBI, law
enforcement agencies and private investigators to locate people.  If
you need to search for address history, relatives, roommates,
neighbors, bankruptcies, tax liens, civil judgments, property
ownership or criminal records, this is the place.  
That's all for now, see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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