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             TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 24 -- 16 Oct 2001
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Hi All!  In today's issue of TOURBUS, we're inviting cats, dogs and
other friendly critters to join us in finding the best websites for
and about pets.  Dave Taylor, frequent guest driver and proud dog-dad
to Jasmine & Karma (standard poodles who have traveled upwards of
10,000 vehicle miles with him) starts us off with a segment on travel
with pets, and then I'll follow up with some cool pet sites you won't
want to miss.
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Riding on the Internet Tourbus, it's easy to forget that other forms
of transportation and travel aren't quite as animal friendly. On the
'Net, after all, no-one knows you're a dog, right?  But when you go to
check into a hotel at the end of a long day of driving, it's a
different story...
Fortunately, there's a great resource on the Web to take the sting out
of the "I'm sorry, we don't accept pets" experience. As a veteran of
thousands of miles of cross-country driving here in the United States,
my life's been improved a great deal by the efforts and information at 
But before you sic your killer daschunds on me, let me highlight that
the site lists hotels, apartments, ski resorts, campgrounds, and even
amusement parks that are pet friendly throughout the world. To be
fair, however, the majority of listings are in the U.S. and Canada.
The Petswelcome team also have a print book that features all the
hotel listings, if you'd rather not be in cyberspace, but then why
would you be on the Tourbus?? It's no surprise that the Petswelcome
site is as well-organized as it is; it's an affiliate of Frommers.
Also, while you're surfing this terrific site, don't forget to learn
more about their management team here:  
... and with that, Bob yanks me away from the wheel and forces me to
go back to teaching my Intro to the Internet course at Cabrillo
Community College in Aptos. Until next time...  -- Dave Taylor
CARE4PETS - The American Veterinary Medical Association offers
information about selecting a pet, animal health & safety, pet loss,
and veterinarians. 
PETSMART - An online destination for pet supplies, health, behavior,
nutrition and training information.  
IVILLAGE PET CHANNEL - A community for pet lovers.  Animal tales, care
tips, pet chats and more.  
REC.PETS - In Usenet discussion groups, you can find thousands of
people talking about all aspects of pet ownership.  Here's an easy
web-based interface to the rec.pets newsgroups, via Google Groups:  
CANINE TIMES - an email newsletter for people who love reading dog
news and articles.  It's an easy way to get helpful, interesting, and
sometimes funny dog news.  
DOG BREED INFORMATION CENTER - Photos of every breed are listed, plus
just about anything a prospective owner needs to know about a
particular type of dog.  
VIRTUAL PET CEMETERY - is the world's best-known online burial ground.
If you wish to immortalize your dearly departed pet in the tombs of
cyber-space for eternity, here is your chance. 
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That's all for now, I'll see you next time!  --Bob Rankin
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