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               TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 36 -- 30 Nov 2001
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    FamilyFun's 2001 T.O.Y. Awards
    Yep.  We've got some.
Howdy, y'all, and greetings from beautiful Irvine, California, a small
amphibious Australian mammal with webbed feet.  :P
TOURBUS is made possible by the kind support of our sponsors.  PLEASE
take a moment to thank each of our sponsors for keeping our little bus
of Internet happiness on the road week after week.
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On with the show ...
FamilyFun's 2001 T.O.Y. Awards
Before you head out to the mall and plop down hundreds of dollars on
toys that your kids or grandkids will either break or discard out of
boredom within the first 24 hours, take a look at today's TOURBUS
For the past ten years, the folks at FamilyFun magazine have
assembled a panel of hundreds of children to torture test the latest
toys.  Over a 3-week period this summer, 130 elementary school
students in Maine played with 468 different toys from 150 toy
companies from around the world.  The kids then voted on which toy
they would like to take home with them.  Of the 468 toys the kids
evaluated, only 68 were chosen as finalists.
Wait.  There's more.  FamilyFun then invaded 16 different childcare
centers around the US, dumped boxes of the finalist toys on the floor,
stepped back, and watched the madness that ensued.  The kids at the
childcare centers played with the toys for two and a half weeks and
then voted for the toys that they loved the most.
The results of that voting appears in what is probably the best, most
up-to-date toy-buying guide you will ever find: FamilyFun's 2001 Toy
Awards article at .
The FDNY Billy Blazes Rescue Hero is a limited edition action figure
of a New York firefighter, and Fisher-Price and Toys "R" Us is
donating all proceeds from the sale of this toy to the FDNY's Fire
Safety Education Fund.
That's the good news.  Now for the bad news.  According to a recent
United Press International story, the rush to buy this toy has been so
great that
      ... the FDNY Billy Blazes is not available anywhere in the United
      States.  Sold exclusively by Toys "R" Us stores nationwide
      and at the Fire Zone in New York City, a new shipment is expected
      before Christmas, a spokeswoman for the toy retailer told UPI.
      [Quote stolen from ]
It gets worse.  Go to and search for "FDNY Billy Blazes"
and you are taken to a page selling the "Rescue Heroes Emergency Force
Billy Blazes and Willy Stop Gift Pack."  DON'T' BE FOOLED!  While the
names may be similar, this is *NOT* the same toy.  The proceeds from
the sale of this toy *WON'T* go to the FDNY's Fire Safety Fund,
they'll go to, Toys "R" Us, and Fisher Price.  [And *SHAME*
on "R" Us for doing this!]
Unfortunately, if you want the FDNY Billy Blazes Rescue Hero, you're
probably going to have to buy one in person at your local Toys "R" Us.
Lego Liberty
Finally, if you know someone who likes puzzles and/or Legos, I have a
not so inexpensive but tremendously cool gift suggestion for you: the
Lego Statue of Liberty kit at .
The completed model stands just shy of three feet tall, is made of
over 2,800 pieces of Lego, and costs about US$200.
I mention this only because my parents read TOURBUS and they never
know what to get me for Christmas.  [HINT HINT HINT!]  :P
That's it for today.  Have a safe and happy weekend and we'll talk
again soon.
CO'COLA (noun).  The pause that refreshes (aka "Chateau Atlanta")
Usage: "Thirsy?  Want a Co'Cola?"
[Special thanks to Craig Green for today's wurd]
You can find all of the old Southern Words of the day at 
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