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               TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 38 -- 13 Dec 2001
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    More TV Listings
Howdy, y'all, and greetings from beautiful Irvine, California, a sea-
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On with the show ...
More TV Listings
Early last month I told y'all about Yahoo TV, a wonderful, free, local
television listings site at .
Man, did that post generate a BUNCH of responses.  Richard Danka
thinks I "missed the boat."  He writes that the best television
listings site he's found is Excite's TV Listings page at
According to Richard,
      It's better than the Yahoo version for several reasons:
      -- It shows me local stations by their *cable* number, not the
         broadcast.  That is, Channel 4 = 23, Channel 7 = 58 on my
      -- I can edit the listings. This way I can leave off the sports
         stuff because I never watch it.
      -- It takes up only a single screen (at least at 1024x768)
      -- I can add "favorites" and reminds me when each one is
         appearing today or the next day.
      All in all, *much* better than the one on Yahoo.  Also, having
      been an English major, I can't shake the true definition of Yahoo
      from Gulliver's Travels.  Yuk!
Rihard isn't alone in his love of  Steven Sorensen
concurs, adding that
      Unlike Yahoo! and most others, you can selectively choose which
      stations to show or not to show [at].  In today's
      100-200+ channel world, this is mandatory feature. Wading through
      endless listings of channels you have absolutely no interest in
      is ridiculous.
      You may also set up a "mini TV guide" of your favorite channels
      (that is shown first) and still have quick access to the "big
      list" of the stations you choose to list.
      You may also quickly opt for a "paragraph listing" giving plots,
      stars, etc.
      But what really sets it apart, is the further ability to name
      specific (favorite) shows, and if any are on that night when you
      bring up this site, they are shown listed right at the beginning
      of the display, as well as listed in a special color in the main
Fellow TOURBUS rider Robert Hale recommends "GIST TV" at .
Nancy Shack also recommends GIST
      because I can choose which channels I want in the grid and I can
      bookmark it.  Also, Yahoo's grid doesn't give descriptions of
      each show, whereas Gist TV does a good job of telling you more
      than just the title.
Drew Trachy recommends another great, free TV listings site: the TV Guide
website at .
According to Drew, it
      does an exceptional job of providing TV listings on demand.  They
      come in 3 hours increments, are searchable, and are very
International Schedules
I also heard from several TOURBUS riders outside of the United States.
Both John Tune and Clive R. Robertson write that UK television viewers
can find a free online television schedule at .
Canadian rider Bluejay writes that Canadian TV Viewers can get
listings for their area from 
but warns that
      it is not as useful as a real TV guide since to get a full day's
      listings with all available channels would require printing out
      quite a number of pages.  I know... I tried it!
Jack Ledger adds that you can find a very good TV listings guide for
Canada at 
and Jason Wallwork suggests two additional sites for my neighbors to
the north: 
and .
Andrew Fleisher offers a suggestion for our Aussie riders: Excite
Australia's Entertainment page at .
Tony Breckon and Hanspeter wrap up our little tour back where it
started: Yahoo!  Yahoo! offers free TV listings on most of their
country sites, including , , and .
Oh, and finally, if you are interested in learning more about the
etymology of the word "Yahoo," check out .
That's it for today!  Have a safe and happy weekend, and we'll talk
again soon!  :)
    More TV Listings
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