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Subject:      TOURBUS - 18 Dec 01 - NORAD Tracks Santa / Happy Hollandaise!
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              TOURBUS Volume 7, Number 40 -- 18 Dec 2001
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   TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: NORAD Tracks Santa / Happy Hollandaise!
Greetings of the Season to One and All!  Today's TOURBUS gives me a
very special opportunity to wish holiday blessings on tens of
thousands of people in over 130 countries around the world.  With
Hanukkah just barely behind us, Christmas arriving in less than a
week, and the beginning of Kwanzaa the day after that, I wish all my
Jewish, Christian, African American and friends of ALL persuasions
the best in this holiday season.
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The NORAD Tracks Santa Website is a combined effort of Analytical
Graphics Inc. (which makes software for the aerospace industry), NORAD
(the joint U.S./Canadian military organization responsible for
ensuring that aircraft from places other than the North Pole are not
permitted to drop packages on North American cities), and America
Online (which is equally deserving of a pithy parenthetical remark,
but alas -- this sentence *is* getting rather long).  Pop over to 
...and you can track the progress of the fabled flying fat guy as he
makes his way around the world on Christmas Eve.  NORAD uses their
high-tech expertise to pinpoint not only his location, but how many
cookies he's consumed on the journey.  They even take pictures... You
can see highlights of last year's yuletide circumnavigation, as Santa
passed by the Sphinx in Egypt, the Washington Monument in the US
Capital, and the Incan ruins in Peru.
This year's Santa tracking program is the 46th conducted by NORAD and
its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command.  The tradition
started when a department store invited kids to call a Santa hotline,
but they accidentally gave out the number for CONAD's Operations
Hotline.  Fortunately, Colonel Harry Shoup was in the holiday spirit
and children who called in were given an update on Santa's position.
The tradition continues today on the Web, and the site is available in
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese.  This year
they're expecting 100 million visitors to the NORAD Tracks Santa site.
HOLIDAY SILLINESS - Cathie Walker, Queen of the Internet and creator
of the Centre for the Easily Amused, has done it again.  Check out the
holiday silliness at or  Aimed primarily
at teens, the site features jokes, games, and interactive lists.
Suggest a new use for fruitcake, or grab coupons to print out if you
can't afford gifts. 
HANUKKAH COLORING BOOK - I know, Hanukkah's officially over.  But kids
who can't get enough will still enjoy this one.  
CHRISTMAS CROSSWORD - A mischievous elf transformed some of the clues
into anagrams, to make this puzzle a bit more challenging.  
CHRISTMAS WORLDVIEW - This effort started in 1994 to share how
Christmas is celebrated around the world.  Currently they have over
387 worldview entries and/or articles. 
MEANING OF CHRISTMAS - The folks at Gospelcom ask "Is there more to
Christmas than colorfully-wrapped presents, ornament-laden trees, and
overweight elves?" 
That's all for now, I'll see you next time!   --Bob
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