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Cheezie Goldfish

    Cheezie Goldfish!

    Dear Friend,

    Astonishing news! Company X and Company Y have merged to form company XY. As CEO of arch-rival Company Z, I have no choice but to send a truckload of Cheezie Goldfish Crackers (retail value of approximately USD $50,000) to the first 100,000 people who forward this message to 25 friends. At Company Z, we honestly believe that spamming millions of people and sending billions of dollars of free stuff to total strangers (who most likely will never buy our products anyway) is a fantastic way to boost corporate profits.

    How will we know that you really sent this message to 25 friends? Easy! We have invented an "email tracing program" that allows us to spy on every message you send, whether it's over the Internet, or on your company's private internal network. (This basically means that we've taken control of every communications company on the planet, and brainwashed every network administrator in the world, but don't think much about that...)

    Don't believe me? Listen to what Ima Lyer, who lives on a small remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, has to say: "Although I was a bit skeptical, I sent Company Z's chain letter to 25 friends, and the VERY NEXT DAY, a truckload of Cheezie Goldfish Crackers apppeared on my doorstep!"

    So don't miss this fantastic opportunity to get literally tons of Cheezie Goldfish Crackers at our expense. Don't question whether this is legitimate or not. In fact, don't think too much at all. It just tends to use up valuable brain cells that you could use to reply to chain letters. Just get out there and start spamming!

    Regards, Zebig Cheeze - CEO, Company Z

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    This story is by Bob Rankin Copyright (c) January 1999

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