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"Not only was it an insight into the wonders of the internet but also a view of life over the pond! The coverage of the hurricane was particularly interesting..." -- Richard B., United Kingdom

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Our Privacy Policy

Your Email Address is Safe

SPAM, (unsolicited junk e-mail) is the bane of the Internet, and we hate it as much as you do. In fact, the publishers of The Internet Tourbus have been quite active over the years in educating their readers about spam, where it comes from, and how to avoid it. Because we respect your privacy, we pledge that we will not rent, sell or otherwise reveal your e-mail address to any third party. Simply put, your e-mail address is safe with us!

We further protect privacy and e-mail security in general by requiring that new subscribers confirm their subscriptions. This prevents people from harassing others by subscribing them to something they may not want. When you submit a subscription request to Tourbus, you will receive a machine-generated message asking you to confirm the subscription. You must reply to this message before your subscription will be activated. And of course, you may always cancel your subscription to our newsletter at any time.

Editorial Mail

Email messages sent to Tourbus staff are considered public statements and become the property of Internet Tourbus. Unless noted otherwise in the message itself, we may publish such messages in whole or in part. Such publication may include your name and location, but per our e-mail privacy policy will not include your e-mail address.


Tourbus has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Our Web server is hosted by in Logan, Utah, and our LISTSERV server is hosted by America Online in Dulles, Virginia. Our subscriber database is located on the LISTSERV server, and is accessible only by the list owners and LISTSERV technical staff.


The Tourbus website runs on a standard unix web server that logs visitor information such as the type of browser you are using, your IP address, time, date, and pages viewed. An IP address does not reveal the identify of a website visitor - it only reveals the identify of the visitor's Internet Service Provider. We use IP addresses to help diagnose possible problems encountered on our Web server. An IP address may be used to gather broad demographic information -- although this information is kept for internal use only. Neither your email address nor any other personally identifiable information is stored in the server log.

Use of Browser Cookies

Browser cookies are currently not used on our site, but that's not because we think they are harmful. Cookies have the potential to add useful functionality to a website, and enhance the visitor's browsing experience in many ways.

In the case where outside companies display ads on our site, any cookies received with banner ads are collected by the ad company, and we do not have access to that information.

Links to Other Sites

Our site and newsletter contain links to other sites. Tourbus is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of said destinations.

If you have comments or questions about this site, please send email to:

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